9 Ways to Use Bubbles

9 Ways to Use Bubbles

Add a splash of fun to your interior with one of our most unique tile shapes- Bubbles! This whimsical design is made up of fourteen sizes of circles with rings and offset piercings. The result? A bold and custom look that evokes pure joy and playfulness. Here are 9 ways to use bubble tile:

1. Organic Edging

We're in love with the exquisite and modern look of organic edging. By removing a border around your tile you can open up the visual space, giving your backsplash more movement and freedom. To achieve this look, simply reach out to our sales team and we'll make sure to glaze the edges of your tile that will be exposed at the perimeter for a clean transition that will be sure to wow.

See more from this project with our blog "Cocoon Salon's Bubbly Modern Backsplash Inspiration"

White Bubbe Tile Organic Edging

Bubbles3"x8" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White.

2. Statement Floor Tile

Dreaming of something super special? A bubble tile statement floor will never disappoint! Having a bright floor like this will add instant personality and joy to your room, welcoming all inside. Because of its composition of varying sizes, Bubble Tile is a great shape for a project that uses multiple colors. Did you know that we don't change price based on how many colors you add to your blend? Have fun choosing as many hues as you'd like for your bubble tile palette. 

Bubble Floor Tile

Bubbles - Custom Colors.

3. Bright & Bold Colors

Vibrant colors have always been a favorite when it comes to our Bubble Tile. Using bright and bold colors allows the shape to really pop for a strong graphic appearance. These are a few of our favorite bubble tile variations, all of which are shoppable at our online store.

Bright & Fun Bubble Tile

Bubbles Sheet - 24 Dandelion, 1030 Cornmeal, 77E GreyBubbles Sheet -  214 Coastal BreezeBubbles Sheet - 12W Blue Bell, 45W My Blue Heaven.

4. Custom Geometric Mosaic 

Make something truly extraordinary by creating your own custom mosaic using bubble tile. We adore the modern mandala appearance of this stove splash. Don't be shy to reach out for a custom mosaic, we'll help you create the design! We can recreate your specific desires or take a loose inspiration photo and turn it into a reality. 

The custom mosaic part of this project was $1,800. Learn more about our pricing and get a better understanding of how much your dream project would cost with our blog "How Much Will My Tile Cost?"

Custom Stove Splash Mosaics

3"x6" Subway Tile - Custom Color. Mosaics - Custom Color. Small Penny Rounds - 32 Canton Jade.

5. Monochromatic Colors

Choose a monochromatic color scheme to create stunning variation with your bubble tile installation. This is a great choice if you love color but want to balance that with a sophisticated aesthetic. You can order sample packs on our sample page or purchase specific samples on each product page. If there's something else you're looking for simply reach out to our sales team and we'll put in a custom order for you. 

Browse Tile Sample Packs

Monochromatic Bubble Tile Sample

Bubbles - 12W Blue Bell, 45W My Blue Heaven.

6. Unique River Layouts

Create a unique river-inspired look by having bubble tile move organically along your backsplash. This is a great way to create movement and will instantly make a statement in any room. We'll create this look specific to your space so the tile is perfectly flowing within your dimensions. 

Unique Tile Layout

3"x8" Subway Tile – Custom Colors

7. Bubbles Mixed with Subway Tile

Our latest design inspiration is to mix tile shapes. It establishes a bold look even with a neutral color palette. This backsplash is quite simple but makes a beautiful statement by simply creating an organic transition from Bubbles to Subway Tile. 

See more from this project with our blog "Cocoon Salon's Bubbly Modern Backsplash Inspiration"

Mix Shapes Bubble and Subway Tile

Bubbles3"x8" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White.

8. High Variation Glaze

Do you like variation but struggle mixing multiple colors? Try one of our high variation glazes for a multidimensional look with only one glaze color. We adore these glazes because they show off the handmade quality of our tile, each piece varying based on the thickness of the hand-painted glaze that our Tile Artisans' apply. 

High Variation Bubble Tile

Glaze color - Custom Color

9. Whimsical Backsplash Idea

Here's a fun look that our clients are loving right now. This whimsical layout places our Bubble tile so it appears to be moving up and out of your stove. Beautiful and organic curls mirror the steam of your cooking food. 

Whimsical Bubble Tile Backsplash

3"x6" Subway Tile, Pencil Liners - 11 Deco White. Bubbles - 902 Night Sky, 23 Sapphire Blue, 61 Navy, 60 Silver Lining, 130 White

10. Stove Splash Accents

Are you in love with handmade ceramic tile but on a tight budget? We have plenty of ways to incorporate simple accents of our tile without going over budget. Read this blog for "5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs." Or get more tile accent ideas with our blog "11 Ways to Incorporate Tile Accents."

Stove Splash Bubble Tile

2"x4" Subway Tile & Chair Rails - 301 Marshmallow. Bubbles - 11 Deco White, 301 Marshmallow, 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey.


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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  • Mercury Mosaics

    Thank you Stacia! We’re so glad to hear that you love your tile and adore the phrase “bubblying the world”

  • Stacia Goodman

    I LOVE your bubble tile! I’ve used it in my bathroom (always get compliments), and I even give cute, little stacks of bubble tile as gifts. Thank you for bubblfying the world, Mercury Mosaics.

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