Handmade hexagon mosaic tiles won’t curse you, because even though we call them hex in the shop, they are nothing more than fun loving, kind and friendly tile, who are anything but square! Six-sided geometric bliss is attainable through the procurement of Mercury Mosaics hexagon tile made to order with a special concoction of clay, glaze and care. And it doesn’t even require any dark deal.

In the 1920s, you couldn’t say hexagon tile without thinking “bathroom floor.” It’s well known that design trends recycle and that things previously considered dated can come back roaring back in style with labels like "vintage" or "retro". Hexagons, once a tile afterthought, have returned again as the belle of the ball, a traditionally modern Craftsman delight.

We offer our hexagon mosaic tiles in two sizes. The smaller of the two is a bit bigger than the old-school hexagon because bigger is better (or so Texas tells us, and with hexagons we are buying it). These hex mosaic tiles still go excellently in *gasp* the bathroom. But our tiles come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors you just won’t find in other hexagonal mosaic tiles, which serves to make the space wonderfully personal and homey. You could even skip the floor altogether and use them in the shower if you want to.

The larger hexagon tile is the size of an hors d’eouvres plate and is equally stunning in a bathroom. Okay, okay, these aren’t just for the bathroom. In fact, breaking a design trend can really help your project stand out and make it extra special. Our artisan-made hexagon tile backsplash has been used exquisitely in entries, as a bar front that transitions into the floor and as an accent along the edge of a hardwood that seamlessly transitions into the rest of the room’s flooring. This particular application looks, well, face-meltingly awesome, and will take some installation voodoo. But with patience and the right attention to detail, it is worth all the effort!

These hexagon mosaic tiles are hot, hot, hot. Plus they are also modern, traditional, Craftsman, exceptional and unique. It takes a particular person for handmade tile (a totally spectacular one) and it takes a particular, particular person to acquire hand-made, lovingly-crafted, hexagon mosaic tile. While this hexagon tile backsplash may not hex you, we certainly hope you fall under their spell anyways, because we sure have. 

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