Color Palette

We are obsessed with color. Through years of conversation and tireless work, we’ve curated our palette of colored ceramic tiles to be as complete as possible, touching on the main hues and shades most asked for. You may notice a lot of blues, greens and neutrals.  This is because greens and blues are considered calming or serene, and neutrals can go with nearly any style to amplify and augment the rest of your finishings.

25 Avocado
1062 Light Kiwi
227 Celery
1078 Key Lime
216 Sea Glass
226 Olive Green
123W Patina
133R Sea Green
133E Sea Green
913 Old Copper
48 Chrome Green
713 Peacock Green
123R Patina
131R Turtle Shel
131E Turtle Shell
958 Rainforest
1036W Bluegrass
47 Vermont Pine
1036E Bluegrass
1016 Costa Rica
134 Spanish Moss
920 Midnight Sky
28 Everglades
102 Sage Brush
1017W Sea Mist
214 Coastal Breeze
32 Canton Jade
1065 Mint Julep
244 Blue Green
1017E Sea Mist
45W My Blue Heaven
43 Robin's Egg
15 Summer Sky
1015E Caribbean Blue
1056 Aqua Fresca
12W Blue Bell
45R My Blue Heaven
1064 Baby Blue
22E Blue Opal
22W Blue Opal
124 Stormy Blue
12R Blue Bell
18 Bright Blue
20 Light Blue
22R Blue Opal
29E Lake Superior
29R Lake Superior
33 Vivid Blue
23 Sapphire Blue
1013 Denim
902 Night Sky
21R Cobalt
21W Cobalt
61 Navy
901W Evening Shadow
956 Smoke n Mirrors
155 Steel
912W Cloudy Sky
912R Cloudy Sky
901E Evening Shadow
406R Aged Moss
406W Aged Moss
911 Star Dust
220 Sooty Grey
815R Ash
60 Silver Lining
39 London Fog
815W Light Grey
1043 Driftwood
83 Tip Taupe
77E Grey
130 White
11 Deco White
301 Marshmallow
9 Historic White
900 Low Stone
106 Fuji Brown
366 Satin Black
613 Black
1025 Heirloom Silver
132 Jewel Brown
906R Burnt Sugar
1047 Roasted Pepper
65W Amber
1673 Espresso
65R Amber
1023 Butter Toffee
906W Burnt Sugar
112 Saddle Clove
1003 Sun Yellow
5 Tiger Tail
16 Harvest Orange
68 Vivid Orange
51 Marigold
1950E Indian Summer
1950W Indian Summer
24 Dandelion
1072 Baroque Gold
910W Desert
910R Desert
56W Parchment
128 Wheat
1028 Grey Spice
125R Sahara Sands
125E Sahara Sands
1030 Cornmeal
3R Lemon
3W Lemon
309E Grapefruit
1083 Honeysuckle
1206 Neon Red
58 Brick Red
372 Red Velvet
104 Fireluster
928 Oxblood
200 Red Wine
615 Purple Plum
1011 Royal Purple

Did you know the human eye can see 7,000,000 colors?! Trying to hit them all in a palette of about 130 is a bit tough - ok, impossible. Fortunately there are a lot of colors that aren't particularly pleasing to the eye and can be excluded. For example, while the bright yellow vests worn by road-construction workers are quite useful for making them seen, we've not yet met the person who wants that particular shade of tile in their home. But if there are certain colorful ceramic tiles you really want, like REALLY, that isn't here, we might be able to make it for you (or get you something close). Fill out this handy-dandy form and we will see what we can do for you. We make no promises - other than that our handmade ceramic tile is awesome - as the colors of the glazes rely in no small part on what is bestowed by the magic of the kiln gods.