The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Collaboration is key to creating more expressive spaces. That’s why we build relationships with interior designers, design professionals, and architects.

Our trade program was designed to make it easier to incorporate our incomparable handmade, hand-painted tile into residential or commercial projects. Make Mercury Mosaics your go-to tile supplier and start reaping the benefits today.

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The Exclusive Benefits

Simply put, we help you help clients.

Dedicated Tile Specialist

Support for all the details from estimation through installation.

Partner Pricing

Friends don’t charge friends full price.

Custom Design with Full Rendering

We create site-specific mosaics to fit your designs.

Free Sampling Program

Get your eyes on them before you buy them.

Coming Soon: The Installer Inventory

An index of vendors who respect tile and know how to handle it.

It doesn’t cost you a thing.

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The Tools of the Trade

Chief Architect Integration

Our process is all analog but now our tile can be rendered in glorious digital 3D renderings. This feature is available natively in the Chief Architect application.

Praise from Trade Partners

Here’s what other firms have to say about working with us.

I immediately thought of Mercury Mosaics… They have rich, bold colors and outside-the-box shapes that I knew would be dreamy… After collaborating with badass owner, Mercedes Austin, we locked down a custom shower wall feature and kitchen backsplash design that was basically going to make a grown man cry (Brad, obviously).

Working with Mercury Mosaics on designing our custom backsplash in our home was one of the most fun collaborations we’ve ever done... Mercedes Austin, the owner of Mercury Mosaics, is brilliant. She has redefined the definition of collaboration for us. She’s actually redefined a lot of things in life for us!

Mercedes, who owns Mercury Mosaics, was extremely detailed and made sure to let me know just what to do when the tile arrived. Due to the handmade process, there’s a lot of natural variation to the tiles... the color just doesn’t get any better than that. That’s what gives them such beautiful dimension.

When your client requests a turquoise bathroom, you give them beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind turquoise tiles for the shower walls. We looked at numerous tile samples and knew we found the right shade once we saw these from Mercury Mosaics. Each one has such beautiful color variations.

We knew we wanted Moroccan Fish Scale tiles. We wanted something colorful. We came across Mercury Mosaic’s site and HAD TO HAVE IT! We could get our shape in whatever color we wanted. We had too many colors to choose from, so we picked 4, instead of one like we originally planned on.

Praise for Trade Partners

Projects using our tile tend to win a lot of awards. Could be a coincidence? Or a sign that supreme attention to detail pays off.

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featured partner

Finalist for Interior Design’s Best of the Year

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Tile Specs

Contact us at to get the complete specs for every tile.

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Expand your palette and gaze upon our glazes.

Ready-to-ship tile

All the favorites, on their way within three business days.

Talk to a tile expert

We have the answers, as long as the questions are about tile.

Latest Lookbook

See what our tile can achieve. Scope looks ranging from Brooklyn brownstones to coastal Northwest escapes.

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It doesn’t cost you a thing.

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