Handmade Tile Never Goes Out of Style

But our shapes and colors are endlessly adaptable. Our latest lookbook showcases designs in a range of looks from designers and homeowners across the country.

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Shaking Up the
Bar & Kitchen

A kitchen is a place to gather, graze, and get adventurous with all five senses. These homeowners didn’t want a bland look for their culinary enclave. “These clients requested an updated kitchen with a dash of color - not the standard white kitchen.... The punches of color really elevate this kitchen while keeping it modern and visually uncluttered.” — Alexis Pawling, Interior Designer. Photography by Envision Photography.

Moroccan for Every Meal

This homey-yet-high-end kitchen has just the kind of charm needed to get showcased on the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin. The open floorplan’s airiness is amplified by the 11 Deco White walls. Compared to other glazes you see here, it has a lower variation. The subtleties of the hand brushed colors come alive in just the right light. Little details separate an uninspired update from a personalized showpiece.

A Shower-Sized Oasis

There’s nothing like a shower wrapped wall-to-wall in vivid hand-painted tile. The process gives the glaze a texture that cannot be replicated by machine. It lends the tile more than a look—it gives it an emotion. These rich blue tiles are one of our signature shapes, inspired by the glistening movement of the sea. Interior Design by Elizabeth Bolognino. Photography by Adam Kane Macchia.

Fall 2021


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