Handmade Tile Never Goes Out of Style

But our shapes and colors are endlessly adaptable. Our latest lookbook showcases designs in a range of looks from designers and homeowners across the country.

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A Bluegrass Oasis

This is a shower you could get lost in. Fox Homes first brought the project‚ÄĒpart of an episode of HGTV‚Äôs Stay or Sell‚ÄĒto our design team, who made a moodboard with a range of color options. 1036W Bluegrass creates a stand-up shower that‚Äôs transportive. It‚Äôs lush and vibrant, with a high variation finish that lends a striking depth. The rest of the home has a clean, modern, Scandinavian style, and the stacked subway tile pattern complements look to a T.

Underground Entertainment

The Molitors (A.K.A. Construction2Style) can do no wrong in our book. Even so, their own home is truly exceptional. Case in point: They transformed their basement into a commercial-quality bar, making it the ultimate at-home entertaining space. The ombré backsplash is made up of nine different colors specifically chosen to play against other elements in the room. For grout, we recommended a 115 platinum color to complement the full spectrum on display. The end result is a perfect blend of traditional and sensational.

A Flooring so Soothing

Here’s a bathroom that’s meant for luxuriating; that longs for you to linger. This collaboration between the president of Artful Living and Yond Interiors involved selecting the perfect tile for their primary bathroom. The cool Cloudy Sky color on the floors imbues the space with a sense of calm. The variation of the glaze accentuates the handcrafted quality, which works perfectly in historic homes like this one. We created the eye-catching pattern using a combination of our 4x4 and 2x4 subway tile.

2023 Lookbook


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