Our Handmade Tiles

What do you mean by handmade tile?

This means that we make all of our tile with our own hands from start to finish.  Our clay starts out in 25 pound blocks, which we then extrude and cut down into all of the shapes you see.  From there we brush the glaze by hand.  Once they are glazed, we load them into our kilns to fire—this is what creates all of the beautiful colors you see.  Once all of our tiles have gone through the kiln, we ship them if it's Subway Tile or trim or lay them out on standard sheets. If it's a custom order: we lay out according to each project's specific design and layout. Then, we ship them off to you!  So you see, we do every step of our process with real people.  No machines here!

Where do I start?

What if I don’t know what I want?

Do I need to order a minimum amount of tile?

Is your tile safe for outdoor use?

Can your tile be used on a floor?

Can your tile be used in a pool?

Is that really all just one color?

Can I have samples of your tile?

What if I want a shape or color that I don’t see?

Can I hire you for design?

How does your custom process work?

Is it necessary to seal the tile? Does the tile need to be re-sealed annually or every few years?

How do I clean/maintain my tile? What products are safe to use on handmade tile?

Will the glaze color fade in the sunlight?


How much is your tile?

Does color affect the price of the tile?

Why are the smaller sizes so much more expensive than the larger ones?

Shipping & Lead Times

What is your lead time?

Do you ship internationally?

Installation & Care

How is the tile laid out? How will it arrive?

Do I need to seal my tile?

How do I install the tile?

How do I clean my tile?

Returns & Exchanges

Do you accept returns?

My tile has been installed but I am unhappy. Can I return it?

What if I order too much? Can I return the overage?

My tile arrived damaged. What can be done?