Our handmade Craftsman tiles are purposely named. They fit right into the Arts and Crafts style, where strong wood tones and natural elements are offset by bold architectural features.  In a single color, the intricate pattern gives enough interest to make these handmade Craftsman style tiles stand out, while not demanding all of the attention in any space. Most often crafted in a neutral color palette, our Craftsman Tiles look like they were born of the late 19th century right from the beginning of the Craftsman movement. 

They are available in two sizes, both of which come mesh-mounted in sheets to make them easy to install.  Each sheet is hand-laid by an artisan to interlock with the adjacent sheets which makes the finished product seamless. 

The standard sized Craftsman Square is just that: a revival of the standard tile you would see in the entries and bathrooms of homes from the Craftsman Era or the Prairie School movement.  They are perfect in a matte green to match the patinaed copper downspouts much loved by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The large Craftsman Squares are a more contemporary take on the classic and fit wonderfully in a Craftsman revival.  They lend themselves to larger spaces, like an entry floor and hall, or even a tiled living room floor.

But these handmade Craftsman style tiles aren’t just for Craftsman homes. And the colors don’t have to be subdued and earthy.  Our Craftsman tiles are available in the bright colors we are known for as well. In the right application our bright Craftsman Squares can be absolutely modern, bordering on avant-garde.  This inclusion of Craftsman Squares becomes a subtle acknowledgement of the Arts and Crafts style while being something else entirely.

If you like strong, bold elements, these are the tiles for you.  If you have questions about them, we want them answered. Reach out to us and we are more than happy to quench the thirst for Craftsman Square knowledge.

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