Tile Dreams Do Come True

It began as a boot-strapped operation in our founder's art studio. After working in a handmade tile shop in Minneapolis, MN, and refining her trade in Italy, Mercedes Austin knew it was time to forge her own path to mosaics. She scraped up enough money to buy her first kiln by selling her jazz CD collection and using her tax refund. From this first kiln and her entrepreneurial spirit she started creating her first works of handmade ceramic art. Mercury Mosaics started as one woman and has grown to many, inspiring artists everywhere to follow their dreams and getting rid of the idea that an artist should be starving.

We were a roll-up-your-sleeves, dig-your-hands-in kind of place then, and we continue to be one today. Our current digs are a massive 15,000 square foot, sunlit factory with high ceilings that make it feel like you are working outside. Mercedes has always wanted a space as wonderful as the tile, and now she has it: a dream space to work, creating beautiful handmade ceramics.

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Our Team

Now thirty humans and two canines strong, our team is the most hard-working, fun-loving and creative group you ever met! Busy providing help and service in any way we can, our care for our customers equals that for our hand crafted product, adding joy and beauty to every space.

Our Tile Elves

Our Process - We could Tell You, But We'd Rather Show You

All of our ceramic tiles are made from clay right here in our Midwest Factory located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-glazed, and fired to a beautiful sheen. Each tile is touched by at least nine pairs of human hands in the making process before we ship it right to your front door, construction site - locally and worldwide. Our clay, glaze and shipping materials are all locally-sourced, right down to the compostable packing peanuts. You may even get LEED points if your job site is in our area. We LOVE giving tours of our factory, walk in anytime and we’ll show you around.

Our Tile Elves