These Patterns Don’t Repeat Unless You Want Them To

No two of our tiles are precisely the same, yet they are unmistakable. The moment your eyes land on the perfect hue, when you brush your fingers against the glazed texture, the difference is immediately apparent. Whether it’s a striking Moroccan tile pattern or herringbone subway tile, the style is rooted in substance.

Like craftspeople of centuries past, we understand that tile serves both art and function. We aim to elevate the backdrops of your life. For those who crave a connection to the objects all around us, we create meaningful, curated environments with tile as our medium.

Process Makes Perfect

All of our handmade tiles are produced right here in our factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-glazed, and fired to a beautiful sheen. Each tile is touched by at least nine pairs of human hands before we ship it right to your door or construction site, locally and worldwide.

The process is key to creating a more organic look. It‚Äôs a quality that cannot be mass-replicated by a machine. The effect isn‚Äôt subtle‚Äď‚Äďthe difference is apparent in each and every tile.

All Our Tiles Come in Green

Our clay, glaze and shipping materials are all locally-sourced, right down to the compostable packing peanuts. You may even qualify for LEED points if your job site is in our area. Let’s talk about how we can polish up your project’s green credentials.