Mercury Mosaics’ hand-made diamond mosaic tiles aren't just a girl’s best friend. This tile is artisanal luxury that anyone can put in their home and enjoy for years to come. The standard diamond box pattern is somewhat reminiscent of the cubes in an M.C. Escher painting and might evoke happy childhood memories playing a 1980s video game.  This serves to illustrate the wonderful juxtaposition inherent in the tile. Our diamond tile backsplash is personal and timely, while also having a timeless pattern that’s full of class. 

The move from the rectangular shape of subway to the more angular diamond results in a modern, clean pattern, new and yet somehow old, a beautiful blend of components.  This fusing of contrasts is apparent in our satin black diamond tiles, 613 Black blend.  Incorporating a shiny and a matte finish that is extremely pleasing, this blend has been used to great effect in kitchens as well as an oyster bar in New York. 

These diamond mosaic tiles are available in a large and a medium size. The medium size is ideal for a restricted space, such as a diamond tile backsplash, where the pattern can still shine. Both can be used in medium to large spaces to break up the space and add interest.

If you prefer, our diamond mosaic tiles also come on sheets in a classic chevron pattern as well as a pattern we affectionately call argyle. Do you want a different pattern or have another cool idea we ought to hear?  Send us a note to see if we can help make it real.  Because no matter the space, Mercury Mosaics diamond tile can help make it sparkle.

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