A Multi-Room Tile Tour with Construction2Style

A Multi-Room Tile Tour with Construction2Style

If you’re familiar with our blog then there’s a good chance you’ve heard us mention the incredibly talented husband-and-wife team at construction2style, Morgan and Jamie Molitor. Construction2Style has turned to Mercury Mosaics for help with a variety of projects over the years, so it was particularly special to work with them on the handmade tile used in their very own home remodeling project. 

Easily one of the coolest parts about their home remodel is the basement bar. As a family that loves to entertain, the Molitor’s immediately envisioned transforming this basement area into a hang-out space complete with a bar (don’t get us started on the wine and beer fridge…) and a cozy nook. In order to give the room more personality, they worked with Mercury Mosaics founder Mercedes Austin to develop a statement wall that would double as a bar backsplash.  

After spending some time ideating, the backsplash design came together using a total of nine different colors that harness all the different elements in the room. By pulling in greens from the bathroom, blues from the cabinets, white from the walls and gray from the countertops, the backsplash not only serves as a focal point; it helps tie the room’s design together. To complement Jamie’s more traditional taste, we used a classic herringbone pattern that’s both timeless yet distinctive. They layered the backsplash with gorgeous gold shelves by Solid Metal Arts, a local shop that specializes in welding and metal work. Another nod to local? The Mercury Mosaics tiled Doro End Tables from fellow Minneapolis business Room & Board.

Similar to the basement statement wall, the oven backsplash came from Morgan and Jamie’s desire for bold design decision. The couple wanted to create something that was different: unique to them, but also classic. They wanted to balance Jamie’s traditional taste with Morgan’s push for something more eclectic. Working together, we developed a couple different iterations of a statement backsplash, pulling inspiration from the kitchen’s sophisticatedly chic neutral color palette, before landing on a show-stopping final design. 

Serving as the kitchen’s bold focal point, we placed our Medium Diamond tile in a hex-formation and created an ombre tile river pattern along the oven range that was composed of white, black and gray hues. This is flanked by our 2"x6" subway tiles in a white glaze. Part of what makes our tile so special is that each individual shape is hand-cut and hand-painted. This in and of itself adds personality to each tile. The variation in colors and textures creates depth, even if it’s just one glaze color. Here, the variation brings an organic element to this sharply geometric pattern.

From the kitchen to the bar, we love how the Molitor project came together as a true reflection of their style and taste. Having worked alongside this power couple on projects for other homes, it was a treat to be able to help them transform their personal space into something that was bold and beautiful. Feeling inspired? Contact Mercury Mosaics to bring your dream tile design to life.

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