8 Hexagon Tile Projects for Timeless Six-Sided Style

8 Hexagon Tile Projects for Timeless Six-Sided Style

Step into a world where geometric elegance meets creative ingenuity - the realm of hexagon-shaped tiles! These six-sided wonders aren't just tiles; they're a design adventure waiting to unfold. Join us as we explore the enchanting tales of ceramic hexagons, transforming mundane spaces into showcases of artistic brilliance. From hexagon bathroom tile to hexagon floor tile, continue reading to see 8 projects for timeless six-sided style.

1. Bluegrass Hexagon Backsplash: A Symphony of Serenity

We begin our hexagon tile tour in the heart of the home - the kitchen. This Bluegrass hexagon tile kitchen backsplash filled with jewel tones and gorgeous variation turns meal preparation into an artistic endeavor. The rich blue-green hues create a serene atmosphere, making the kitchen not just a place to cook but a canvas for culinary creativity.

For more backsplash inspiration, visit our Kitchen Gallery.

Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass
Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass

2. Onyx Blend Coffee Bar Backsplash: Brewing Elegance

In the buzzing world of coffee culture, hexagon tiles take center stage. These Large Hexagons in our signature Onyx Blend create a mesmerizing coffee bar backsplash made up of satin and glossy black finishes. The mixture of tile finishes in this blend plays accomplice to the rich aroma, turning your daily caffeine fix into a luxurious affair. Because your coffee deserves a backdrop as bold as its flavor!

Head over to our site to shop these Onyx beauties!

Onyx Blend Coffee Bar Backsplash
Large Hexagons - Onyx Blend
Interior Design by Construction2Style 
Photography by Spacecrafting Photography

3. Studio Grey Office Headquarters: Where Green Meets Grey

Picture a corporate sanctuary where work meets nature. At Studio Grey, this urban oasis is filled with handmade tile and lush features. We love how the deep teal Large Hexagons and Custom Planters in 958 Rainforest set the tone for the rest of the office space. With details like exposed brick, matte black fixtures and concrete walls, our Large Hexagons and Custom Planters in 958 Rainforest is the perfect trendy compliment to this office place design. The green hexagon tile wall breathes life into the workplace, blending the professionalism of grey with the vibrancy of nature.

For more of this office space, visit our blog "Urban Jungle Tile: Studio Grey's Vertical Gardens"

Large Hexagons and Custom Planters in 958 RainforestLarge Hexagons and Custom Planters in 958 Rainforest

4. Geo-Star Tiled Bar Backsplash: Sipping in Style 

Raise a glass to Geo-Star, our signature pattern that combines Medium Diamonds and Large Hexagons to create a dazzling star pattern. Instead of black hexagon tile or white hexagon tile, consider a vibrant hue from our Color PaletteGeometric shapes and bold blues collide to create a visual masterpiece in this hexagon tile bar backsplash. Every sip becomes a celebration, and every glance at the bar is a feast for the eyes. This is where mixology meets modern art!

Find more dark and moody tile projects here!

Dark and Mood Hexagon Tile Bar Backsplash

Geo-Star Pattern - 1013 Denim
Interior Design by Nest Kitchen Bath and Home Design
Photography by Suzy Gorman Photo

5. Ombre Hexagon Shower Niche: Showering in Shades

Embark on a journey from light to dark with this gorgeous ombré Hexagon shower niche. Floor to ceiling, the hexagons create a gradient of soothing tones, turning your daily shower routine into a therapeutic experience. This modern hexagon tile bathroom goes above and beyond and acts as a work of art in the walk-in shower. The ombre design creates a waterfall effect that has movement, texture, and glamor all in one.

For all things shower niches, visit our blog “How to Plan for Your Bathroom Niche

Ombre Hexagon Shower NicheSmall Hexagons - 1016 Costa Rica, 1036W Bluegrass, 101 Lagoon, 1065 Mint Julep, 12W Blue Bell, 913 Old Copper, 214 Coastal Breeze, 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, Custom Color

6. Office Geo-Hex Tiled Mural: The Wall that Speaks

Welcome to the office of  Springboard for the Arts where walls tell stories. The Geo-Hex Tiled Mural on the reception wall is a symphony of shapes and colors. It's not just a tiled backsplash; it's a statement. First impressions never looked this good!

For more of this Geo-Hex beauty, visit our Commercial Gallery!

Office Geo-Hex Tiled MuralGeo-Hex Pattern - 45W My Blue Heaven1015E Caribbean Blue11 Deco White24 Dandelion21W CobaltCustom Color.
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

7. Organic Modern Bathroom: Terracotta Warmth

In this Organic Modern space, warmth takes center stage with a terracotta hexagon tiled bathroom floor. These rusty chestnut tiles are perfect for an organic modern space due to their earthy energy, timeless appeal and modern glossy finish. This bathroom oasis designed by Emily Pueringer showcases how artisan tiles can infuse a space with natural warmth, creating a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and timeless elegance.

For more on this project, visit our blog "Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home Tour"

Organic Modern Bathroom: Terracotta WarmthLarge Hexagons - 96 Chestnut
Interior Design by Emily Pueringer
Photography by Rubinksi Works
Installation by Quality Cut Design Remodel

8. Hexagon Flower Pattern Bathroom Floor: Floral Nostalgia

Step back in time while moving forward in style with this Vintage Modern hexagon bathroom tile floor. Each step is a nod to nostalgia, combining vintage charm with modern aesthetics. Whether you opt for a monochromatic palette for a classic look or embrace a burst of colors for a playful vibe, hexagon floor tiles in our flower pattern are the perfect choice to create a serene and stylish retreat. 

For more bathroom project inspiration, visit our Bathroom Tile Gallery

Hexagon Flower Pattern Bathroom FloorHexagons Iris Flower Pattern -  45R My Blue Heaven, 130 White, 23 Sapphire Blue. 3"x8" Subway Tile - 23 Sapphire Blue
Photography and Interior Design by Pencil Shavings

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