23 Beautiful Backsplash Ideas For Any Home

23 Beautiful Backsplash Ideas For Any Home

Your kitchen backsplash is an opportunity to showcase your unique style and achieve the desired mood of the space. Since it’s a main focal point of the kitchen, explore our tile backsplash ideas before you make your decision.

The right backsplash tile can truly transform your kitchen, bathroom, or bar, giving you the space you’ve always dreamed of. Discover how with this guide, which explores various backsplash tile patterns and colors, offering you the inspiration you need for your next backsplash project. 

Classic Subway Tile

Unsure of what kind of handmade tiles you want for your home? Let Mercury Mosaics guide you to find which style fits your needs.

Subway tile is a classic kitchen tile idea that has endured since the early 1900s with its simplicity and streamlined look. You usually see the standard 3x6 size in white with a staggered pattern. You can try different sizes, colors, and patterns to create variety.

For that clean subway tile look with a little more oomph, try unexpected colors like light pinks, blues, or greens. For something a bit more moody, try darker tones to add some drama and chicness. 

Timeless Herringbone Pattern

By simply laying subway tiles down in a herringbone pattern, you add a timeless and sophisticated touch to your kitchen space. The dynamic visual interest that herringbone patterns add is intensified with the natural color variations of handmade artisan tile. The versatility of the herringbone pattern makes it easy to apply throughout the house to add classic charm and intrigue.

Sweet Hexagon Flowers

Hexagon tiles, which nod back to the 1920s to 1940s, are sold in a variety of sizes and allow for a totally custom look when incorporating patterns using multiple colors. The opportunities are endless; try a unique floral design or a pattern to mimic natural honeycomb structures. Using ceramic tile made by artisan tile makers will create stunning patterns from the natural color variation alone. 

Custom Mosaic Dream

If you’ve seen it all and are looking for a truly custom, one-of-a-kind tile design, we can help with that too. The mosaic backsplash ideas and possibilities are infinite when you work with our tile experts on a custom Mercury Mosaic design. You’ll have a truly unique backsplash and statement piece for your space that reflects your style. 

Retro Mid Mod Squares

Picking out the perfect grout color for your tile project is the first step in ensuring your design stays sharp for years to come.

Mid-century modern design has remained a popular choice throughout the years with its simplicity and timelessness. If you are going for this aesthetic for your kitchen backsplash, try our retro mid-mod squares for a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe. We offer many backsplash tile designs that you can customize for your space to add a pop of color and interest. 

Monochrome Chic 

Monochrome tiles for backsplash colors provide a sleek and modern look that easily adapts to various decor styles. Monochrome tiles allow you to add a pop of color cohesively and seamlessly. Handmade ceramic tile gives you a natural monochrome look with subtle variation.

Subway Tile With A Twist

Looking for an elevated take on the standard subway tile? Our Rise Tile, a subway tile with a twist, takes your average subway tile and turns it on its head. Artisans hand-paint each tile diagonally, giving it the appearance of a 90-degree triangle when stacked, and allowing it to be laid either vertically or horizontally. 

Ombre Effect

Perfect for a moody bar backsplash, ombre tiles blend colors beautifully to create a soothing transition effect from light to dark, enhancing the space and adding visual appeal. Stick to one or two colors that complement one another well to achieve the look. You can apply the ombre effect to most ceramic tile backsplash patterns, from hexagons to herringbone and more. 

Moving Fish Scales

Fish scales are a less common pattern tile for a backsplash that gives off a sense of fluidity and movement from their curved shape. This unique tile option adds some texture and playfulness to any space. Try combining this pattern with a monochrome color palette for some added drama and interest.

Counter to Ceiling Tile

emerald green herringbone tile kitchen backsplash

Explore Mercury Mosaics sample packs to experience the look, and feel the difference of handmade artisan tiles for your mid-century modern designed home.

One of our favorite modern kitchen backsplash ideas is extending the tile to the ceiling for the ultimate impact and luxurious feel. Just because your cabinets are a natural breaking point for the tile doesn’t mean they have to be. Even if it's only possible in one section of your kitchen, it adds some drama and allows for the full tile pattern to be more visible.

Triangle Tile Intrigue

Have some fun with your pattern backsplash with sharp and modern triangle tiles. This option is perfect for creating eye-catching, angular patterns that captivate and energize any space. Use them to create a unique mosaic or striped pattern, or keep them all the same color if you are looking for a more minimalist look. 

River Run Mosaic

The drama, beauty, and uniqueness that a river-run mosaic kitchen backsplash creates deserves a standing ovation. This dynamic design features a gradient of tiles mimicking the flow of a river, where lighter tones at the edges seamlessly transition to darker hues towards the center. This creates a striking visual effect of water in motion. 

Contrast Grout

Add an unexpected touch to your kitchen backsplash with a contrasting grout color. The opposing colors will create a bolder, more dramatic look by outlining the tiles and accentuating your tile backsplash patterns. As a bonus for lighter tile backsplashes, darker grout can hide some of the inevitable build-up of grime and make the need for grout cleaning less frequent. 

Art Deco Influence

To up the glamor and opulence in your kitchen, opt for Art Deco-inspired tiles like fish scales, diamonds, or intricate custom designs. These geometric and angular forms are reminiscent of the Art Deco era, especially when using gold, silver, or black colors. Even glossy monochromatic looks provide that touch of luxury and historical elegance. 

Geo Star Elegance

cool white hexagon diamond star pattern kitchen tile, cool white star pattern tile kitchen backsplash, white star pattern kitchen backsplash, cool white diamond hexagon star pattern tile backsplash, white diamond hexagon star pattern tile kitchen backsplash

Use the Mercury Mosaics tile calculator to make sure you have enough tile for your project before getting your hands dirty.

The Geo Star tile pattern is a fun take on the more traditional hexagon pattern, adding a unique star made from diamond shapes in the center. This pop of the unexpected is a truly one-of-a-kind pattern that instantly ups the elegance of your space.

Coastal Harmony

Incorporating subtle blues and greens inspired by the seaside provides a calm and soothing effect in your kitchen space. When done in a monochromatic color palette, it even can convey slight movement, mimicking the ocean. Choose a glossy finish for even more of a resemblance to the sea.

Diamond Bright

The clean and geometric diamond bright pattern for the backsplash tile is jaw-dropping in a glossy finish with deep emerald tone hues. Looking for something more unique and colorful? Choose contrasting colors in a star or other geometric shapes for a fun twist on this classic tile pattern. 

Southwest Dream

For a southwestern feel, select earthy tones and rustic patterns that characterize Southwestern style. Picture terracotta tiles in a non-polished finish with slight color variation from tile to tile, creating a beautiful monochromatic look. Handmade artisan tiles give you that perfectly imperfect rustic look.

Mid-Century Modern Design

Learn how artisan-crafted, handmade tiles like the ones from Mercury Mosaics can outshine and outlast machine alternatives.

Mid-century modern design features clean lines and functional beauty. In tile form, this means simple, geometric designs with a pop of color if you like. Give your kitchen a stylish retro feel with our medium diamonds, fully customizable or offered in unique made-to-order colorways like the Eichler blend, pictured. 

Watercolor Wash

Colorful backsplash tiles are even more interesting with the subtle variation changes that result from the handmade process. This watercolor wash creates a soft, almost painterly effect when paired with soothing colors. This effect pairs best with simpler tile patterns like square or diamond but can go well with any of them depending on the desired result. 

Jewel Tone Treasures

Rich, saturated jewel-tone tiles look even better when handcrafted by artisans to get that natural variation in color and texture. When added as a colorful kitchen backsplash, it achieves a level of luxury and depth you might not otherwise get. Pair the jewel tones with a dramatic shape like the fish scale or geo star for even more elegance and appeal. 

Playful Bubble Tile

Looking for ceramic tile backsplash ideas that add a bit of whimsy? Look no further than the playful and fun bubble tile, complete with circles of various sizes. Add a section to a subway tile backsplash for a unique accent like the above example, or use it as your full backsplash. The color you choose can change the tone of your space with this option. 

Find the Perfect Tiles From Mercury Mosaics to Bring Your Backsplash Ideas to Life

Now that you’ve got plenty of kitchen tile ideas to refresh your space, explore Mercury Mosaics to bring those ideas to fruition. While there are plenty of backsplash materials out there, we prefer the timeless and truly unique look and feel of artisan ceramic tiles. With our custom tile offerings, you’ll get one-of-a-kind colors and patterns for your backsplash tile that will surely make a statement.

Check out our blog for even more tile inspiration for any space. Already got a vision for the types of backsplash tile you’d like? Order samples or get in touch today for a free design consultation.

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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