Vertical Subway Tile With A Twist: Meet Rise by Mercury Mosaics

Vertical Subway Tile With A Twist: Meet Rise by Mercury Mosaics

In a world filled with design norms and well-trodden paths, we believe it's time to take a walk on the wild side of interior aesthetics. Meet 'Rise' - a contemporary subway tile pattern that's turning heads, walls, and floors with its quirky twist on vertical subway tile, featuring those captivating diagonal cut lines. If you're in the market for a design that breaks the mold and dances to its own eccentric rhythm, you're in for a treat. Continue on to see how our newest handmade subway tile pattern, Rise, was born and how designers are using it now!

What Is Rise Tile?

First things first, let's talk about the heart and soul of Rise. It's not just a tile pattern; it's a meticulously crafted type of subway tile with diagonal cut edges perfectly fitting into the next. Each diagonal subway tile is carefully handmade from start to finish, infusing it with character and personality that's truly one-of-a-kind. The attention to detail is exceptional, and you'll feel it when you run your fingers along the diagonal lines of these sleek unique subway tiles. Rise embodies the essence of artisanal design in every sense. In fact, our mover and shaker, Mercedes Austin, dreamt up this contemporary pattern. She says,

"This new pattern is lovingly named Rise. It is my message to the world as an industrial designer. It is a part of curating excellent spaces. Designing spaces with excellence as a priority sends a message to the people living there: Rise."

Learn more about our handmade process on our About Us page!

Rise Handmade Tile

Ways to Use Rise Subway Tile Patterns

In this blog we'll show you multiple inspirational ways to use this unique type of subway tile that we call 'Rise'. From our whimsical Rise in Fiesta Blend to our moody Rise in Midnight Blend both available now on our online store, we hope you love this play on stacked vertical subway tile as much as we do. Keep scrolling for more contemporary subway tile inspo!

Rise Subway Tile Pattern

Entryway Tile with a Twist

Your entryway is your home's first impression, and Rise knows how to make a grand entrance. Imagine stepping into a world of playful color and whimsy like the home entrance of Alex West Steinman, CEO and co-founder of the Coven. The entryway is often an under appreciated canvas, but with these triangle mosaic tile a.k.a. Rise, it transforms into an explosion of color and creativity. The quirky diagonal subway tile lines run across the wall, as if they're playfully leading you into a realm of vibrant possibilities. What colors would you choose to represent your home with these fun mosaic triangle tiles? Play with the possibilities with our Blends By You tool

Rise Colorful Entryway
Design Lead by Erinn Farrell Design
Photography by Bethany Birnie

Tile With A Moody Aesthetic and Contemporary Vibes

If you're a fan of moody aesthetics, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how our handmade subway tile with a twist a.k.a the Rise pattern can transform your bathroom flawlessly. Here, the diagonal subway tile cut lines of these unconventional triangle tiles take on a sultry edge. With a monochromatic color scheme using our high variation inspiration color Midnight Sky, this 2023 Artisan Home bathroom becomes a cocoon of luxurious darkness with a moody aesthetic. Let the quirky play of shadows and lines mesmerize you as you soak in a stylish bath or prepare for the day!

Artisan Home Rise Bathroom Rise
Interior Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Chelsie Lopez Production

Rise Is A New Kitchen Tile Favorite

The heart of any home is its kitchen, and Rise takes center stage in this chic kitchen of the new Camdentown Flats in North Minneapolis brought to us by the inspiring Houston White. This kitchen is taking subway tile patterns to the next level. The stacked vertical subway tile with diagonal cut lines paired with bold colors with different glaze finishes infuse energy and charisma into the space, creating a dynamic backsplash that's as functional as it is aesthetic. Stay tuned for more on this exciting project featuring this unique subway tile pattern!

For more on this new, modern pattern, visit our Rise page!

Rise Kitchen BacksplashRise

Modern vs. Contemporary Colors: Rise Does It All

Here's where the magic really happens. We'll explore how this handmade subway tile with a twist transforms with different color palettes. From bold and bright to soft and subdued, you'll be amazed at how this contemporary pattern can shape-shift to suit your mood and style. Whether you're considering this pattern for a moody subway tile niche or an eclectic entryway statement, Rise is ready to adapt to any aesthetic you desire. Talk with a Tile Specialist today about trying this new pattern on for size in any style you please!

Rise Sheets Mood Boards

Rise Midnight Blend

Mercury Mosaics: Handmade Tile to Fit Any Vibe

Discover the magic of handcrafted, artisan tiles like our vertical subway tile with a twist at Mercury Mosaics. Explore our wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, and make installation a breeze with our convenient tile sheets. Ready to embark on your design journey? Take our tile style quiz, order samples or check out more ways to use Rise.

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