How to Clean Grout on Tile Floors and Keep Them Shining

How to Clean Grout on Tile Floors and Keep Them Shining

We all love it when our tile floors look clean, bright, and shining. However, when the grout between tiles gets dirty, it can create a dingy look. Knowing how to clean grout on tile floors effectively can help ensure that your tile stays beautiful. 

The grout between your tiles will absorb dirt, debris, spills, and grease, meaning that washing floor grout is not only imperative for aesthetics but also for ensuring your floor stays clean and free from germs. Our team at Mercury Mosaics is here to walk you through how to clean grout on tile floors.

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Picking out the perfect grout color for your floors is the first step in ensuring your floor doesn’t look dingy before it's time.

Materials and Supplies

Before you get started with knowing how to clean grout on floor tiles, it’s necessary to get all the supplies you’ll need for the process. Depending on what cleaning option you utilize, the best way to clean floor tile grout with your chosen materials and strategy will vary. However, some supplies you’ll need for the process include:

  • Cleaning solution, such as bleach, vinegar and hot water, dish soap, or hydrogen peroxide 
  • Scrubbing tools, such as a thin-bristled brush, magic eraser, or specific grout-cleaning brush
  • Protective equipment, such as gloves or goggles (if you’re using products like bleach)
  • Cleaning cloths, towels, and a bucket 

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Herringbone tile, among many other types of tile, requires periodic grout cleaning to ensure a shining surface for years to come.

How to Clean Grout

There are a variety of methods for the best way to clean tile grout on floors. You can clean tile grout by purchasing a commercial tile grout floor cleaner, mixing up your homemade solution, or even renting a steam cleaner for the occasion.

No matter which option you choose, knowing how to clean floor tile grout effectively can make the process easy and painless. While a DIY solution is often the cheapest option, if your floor is in serious need of grout and tile cleaning, utilizing a steam cleaner may be the better choice. 

Here’s how to clean grout without damaging it by utilizing three different methods: 

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

The best way to clean grout with homemade cleaning solutions is to mix various household cleaners (in a safe manner) to get rid of any dirt and stains. Some solutions include:

  • Mixing ½ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tsp. of dish soap
  • Mixing one part bleach with three parts warm water
  • Mixing equal amounts of dish soap and vinegar 
  • Mixing equal parts baking soda and water

It’s best to err on the side of caution when looking for how to clean grout on tile floors, meaning that bleach should be a last resort. After mixing your solution, simply let it sit on your grout for 10-15 minutes and then scrub. 

Commercial Grout Cleaner Products

Another option for cleaning grout on tile floors is to utilize commercial-grade cleaners. The benefit of these is that they come pre-mixed, meaning you don’t have to worry about combining your solution. Many people think this is the easiest way to clean grout for that very reason. 

However, it’s important to choose a cleaner that won’t damage your tile or grout. For example, many acidic-based solutions used to clean tiles and grout can damage your floor. Look for solutions that have a neutral pH level of around seven.

Steam Cleaning Tile

Often, the most effective and best way to clean tile floors and grout is to steam clean them. This method only utilizes water, meaning you won’t have to deal with any harsh chemicals. This method of cleaning floor tile grout also sanitizes your floor in the process. Many steam cleaners come with specific grout attachments as well, making this method simple and easy. 

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Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, some stains simply won't come out despite using the best way to clean grout and tile with the above-mentioned methods. Knowing how to clean grout between floor tiles with stubborn stains is important for ensuring your floor stays shiny and bright. 

Some methods for how to clean tile and grout with intense stains, such as mold, mildew, or deep-set dirt, include:

  • Pre-Treat With Hot Water: When you clean the grout tile floor, pre-treating the area with hot water can break up certain stains and make it easier when you scrub the area with a solution later.
  • Use Stain-Specific Cleaner: Certain stains, such as mold, have specific cleaners you can utilize that target the issue at hand, making the stain easier to get rid of. 
  • Apply Cleaning Paste: Cleaning pastes sit on top of the grout for some time, working to break down stains and debris. These pastes offer a great heavy duty option for removing stubborn stains.
  • Seal the Grout: After cleaning the grout, you can use a sealant that keeps it protected from debris, dirt, and other issues in the future.

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Learn more about our process at Mercury Mosaics and how we help you get inspired for your next project. 

How Often Should You Clean Grout on Tile?

Depending on where your tile is located, the frequency with which you should clean the grout will vary. For higher-traffic areas, for example, you’ll need to clean much more often. Regularly perform routine maintenance to keep your tile looking its best, and clean the following areas at different times:

  • Bathroom: This will need to be cleaned often, as this room has a lot of traffic and also gets wet from showers or steam. You should clean the bathroom grout once or twice every couple of months.
  • Kitchen: As mentioned with the bathroom, kitchens also see their fair share of spills, traffic, and stains, meaning a sealant would also be good for this area.
  • Entryway and Hallways: Entryways and hallways can become stained with mud, water, and dirt. You should aim to clean these areas semi-frequently as well. 
  • Living Rooms or Dens: Living rooms or dens, while potentially frequently used, often don’t get too many stains from water or mud. You can deep-clean these rooms once or twice a year. 

Maintenance Tips

To ensure your tile doesn’t get too dirty too quickly, some regular maintenance tips you can utilize include: 

  • Immediately Clean Spills: Make sure you clean spills quickly after they happen. This way, water, dirt, or other debris won’t have a chance to sink into your grout. 
  • Regularly Schedule Cleaning: Regular cleaning can make it so that you don’t have to commit too much time to deep cleaning after your grout gets too dirty over time.
  • Lay Rugs and Floor Mats: Rugs and mats can help protect your tile by ensuring that spills don’t even reach the grout.
  • Squeegee Tiles: This method effectively allows you to direct any surface-level water, dirt, or debris away from your grout, keeping it cleaner. 

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