Jewel Tones

Pure ceramic vibrancy that feels like royalty: these jewel tones shine in our hand-glazed tile. This look distills organic colors and textures into powerful concentrations. It’s outrageously lush. It’s lavishly colorful. And, for your space, it’s effortlessly achievable.

Handmade Tile Makes the Jewel Tone Style

Our tile is made with traditional methods: cut by hand, individually painted, and assembled in a variety of patterns. There is no other way to achieve the variability and hard-earned authenticity you see in every piece. It’s not the easy way to make ceramic tile, but it’s the only way to get these results.

Interior Design & Photography by Dohmicile
Building & Remodeling by Black Dog Homes
Photography by Pencil Shavings Studio
Interior Design by Studio BV | Photography by Gaffer Photography

See our latest Mercury originals, fresh from the kiln, sent right to you.

Photography by Chelsie Lopez
Photography by K Solberg Photography
Interior Design by Kari Campbell Interiors