Steller Backsplash Full of Personality

Steller Backsplash Full of Personality

Whatever you do, make sure to infuse your beautiful and unique personality into it. That's what we learned after working with Steller Hair Co. to create a stunning statement tile backsplash in their salon. We met after discovering Katie's Steller Kindness Project, whose goal is to make kindness more contagious than fear. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing initiative and how we designed this tile to inspire and communicate this message.

More About the Kindness Project:

Katie Steller is on a mission to share the quiet and often unnoticed acts of kindness in the world. With the core belief that big change starts at a micro-level, the Steller Kindness Project is helping to bring these kinds of stories to the surface. You can nominate someone who deserves a shout out or get lost in the inspiring stories already shared here.

We adore this video from Kylee's story, where a group of brave Minnesotan's face the December chill to spread positive messages:  

Steller Backsplash Owner

Founder Katie Steller next to her new bright tile backsplash.

Installing Tile to Inspire:

Keeping the mission and personality of the owner in mind, we were excited to create a custom tile backsplash to represent her company. This meant including words of kindness and using bright colors to represent the people who spend their days between the walls of Steller Hair Co. Luckily we are neighbors (located just down the street) so we got to help install the tile in their new space and take pictures along the way. 

Installing Handmade Ceramic Tile

Geo-Hex Pattern - 1025 Heirloom Silver, 155 Steel, 613 Black, 366 Satin Black. River - 28 Everglades, 75 Emerald, 1016 Costa Rica, 1011 Royal Purple, 33 Vivid Blue, 1013 Denim, 615 Purple Plum, 906W Burnt Sugar, 1023 Butter Toffee, 1015E Caribbean Blue, 244 Blue Green, 1062 Light Kiwi, 1065 Mint Julep, 20 Light Blue, 12R Blue Bell, 214 Coastal Breeze.

Adding Personality to Custom Tile:

We love customizing tile. It allows our clients to communicate their personalities through our handmade tile. Whether you have a clear vision of how to showcase your individuality, or need some help, we are here to make your tile dreams a reality.

Katie Steller came to us hoping to draw inspiration from local artist Josie Lewis' colorful geometric designs. The bright palettes and clear shapes that Lewis uses made it the perfect template for our design. From there we expanded upon the idea of communicating Steller's positive and inspiring personality through the concept of these colors rising to the ceiling.

Josie Lewis Color Art

Josie Lewis Art.

Another way we personalized Steller's mosaic was by adding her personal catchphrase, "come as you are", which we custom-cut in our studio. Visually representing Steller's message through the use of color, along with her mantra, has been more rewarding than we can put into words. A truly great message is worth passing on, and we're more than happy to continue the spread of beauty, art, and kindness to the world, one tile at a time.

Tiled Typography Hexagon Backsplash

"This mosaic is a visual representation of community, support, and the beauty of connection."

- Katie Steller  (read her blog here).

Bright and Bold Salon Backsplash

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