Rustic Chevron Tile Floor for Timber and Tulip

Rustic Chevron Tile Floor for Timber and Tulip

One of our favorite combinations? Rustic and textural wood with smooth and bold ceramic tile. And who better to pull off this look of rustic wood look ceramic tile than our friends at Timber & Tulip? We met this stunning creative team when we first opened our factory space and they made a gorgeous conference room table for us. We couldn't be happier to return the favor and be a part of their office by installing a forest-colored rustic chevron tile floor. Continue reading to learn all about the process behind this stunning design, layout, and install of rustic chevron tile floor for Timber and Tulip.

The Design Concept 

Sometimes clients come to us with a specific style they love, sometimes it's much more conceptual. In this case, Timber & Tulip wanted their floor to match their branding. Their logo was the jumping off point - an abstracted woodgrain design with deep green coloring. We had fun finding ways to depict their branding in tile and landed on this reverse diamond design in Subway Tile. The glaze color includes their branded forest green, but then expands to more colors that you would see in the woods to amplify the chevron pattern.   

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Custom Cut Subway Tile - 11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 155 Steel, 366 Satin Black, 1016 Costa Rica, 123R Patina.

Top and bottom right photo by @timberandtulip Bottom left photo by @elevated_design_llc

The Making of Tile

This project was one that came to life in our layout department. When we have custom Subway Tile projects like this we lay it out in our factory and glue it onto mesh sheeting for easy install...can you imagine if we didn't? It's such a unique skill set, both technical and creative. After many, many years of perfecting it, our Tile Elves are some of the most skilled layout artists we've ever met. In this project, they used a wet saw to cut angles on the middle and edge tiles to create the arrow or reverse diamond look. 

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The Final Floor

The final floor is a statement piece to say the least. It's one of the reasons we love custom projects so much. They can communicate and share the stories of the people who live inside the space so well. The tile to wood transition is gorgeous, and the accents of rustic wood furniture that Timber & Tulip created throughout the room make their entire office seem like a modern forest of creativity. 

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Timber & Tulip from Mercury Mosaics & Tile on Vimeo.


Top photo by @paisleyandsparrow Bottom left photo by @timberandtulip Bottom right photo by @elevated_design_llc

Our Conference Room

As we mentioned in our intro, we have a custom furniture piece by Timber & Tulip in our conference room. Everyday we adore working on this stunning table and looking down at our herringbone tile floor.

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2″x6″ Subway Tile – Herringbone Pattern – 913 Old Copper.


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