How To Do A “Blends by You”

How To Do A “Blends by You”

When personalizing your space, what’s the most important thing to consider? The personality. Specifically yours. Trends may come and go, but an interior tailored to your taste will outlast any fad. When it comes to custom tile design, the simplest way to make a colorful backsplash, floor, shower, or wainscoting your own is with a color blend: a Blend by You.

With all of the glaze, shape, and pattern options we have to choose from, we could create a custom blend for each of the 8+ billion people on earth without repeating a design. We can definitely make a blend that’s just perfect for you.

What are Blends by You?

Blends by You are mixes of two to eight glaze colors chosen by none other than you. We paint the tiles according to your desired ratio for each color, then assemble the tiles in sheets in a randomized way. When seen as a whole, the grand effect is a harmony of hues. Need some examples? Our Signature Blends such as Foxwell or Eichler are produced through the same process.


How to Blend

If you’re early in the process and exploring your options, take our Blends by You tool for a spin. There you can find examples of color combos and use the Mix Your Match tool to build out and preview your palette.

For an expanded list of glaze options, our Color Palette page is always up to date. Try mixing low and high variation tile, or combine matte and glossy sheens like you see with our Onyx blend

Once your colors are selected, you’ll want to order samples to preview how they look together in your space. If choosing a color available in our Ready to Ship collection, just click the “Get a Sample'' button under the product name. If the color is not available in our online shop, that means it’s made to order and a Tile Concierge can help you from here.

Our team can also help you pick glazes to complement the room’s paint, cabinetry, hardware, or other design elements already selected for the space.

Working with a Tile Concierge

Once you have a color tile blend in mind – or if you need assistance identifying complementary colors – you can reach out to our Tile Concierge team. Bring as much of the following information as possible so our team can better assist you:

  • The shape or signature pattern you’re considering
  • What glazes you’re drawn to
  • The ratio of each glaze in the blend
  • The measurements of the tiled area
You can learn how to measure for tile here.


Sheet Previews

Once you’ve made all the measurements and decisions, we can produce a digital sheet preview to give a sense of how your mix comes together. Here are some examples of custom blend sheet previews:

With your approval, we start production. Each tile is hand-cut and painted by an artisan. Your custom blend is glued into sheets for easier installation and more consistent spacing.

How are the blends installed?

Installation is just as simple as any other tile sheets. Whereas full custom designs (like our river pattern backsplashes) require sheets to be assembled in a specific order, the sheets of your blend can be arranged in any order.

Our Tile Concierges can offer a suggestion on the right grout color to properly marry the glazes together.

Need a fully custom tile design?

Are you trying to create design inspired by a historic pattern, want an intricate mosaic, or text or a logo? Or maybe you want your blend to be arranged in an ombre pattern. Those projects require a more in-depth design process. Learn about how it works with the video below, or get in touch with us directly.

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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