Dreamy Diamond Statement Kitchenette Backsplash

Dreamy Diamond Statement Kitchenette Backsplash

Do you love your home so much that it's hard to leave? Now imagine how much harder it would be if you also had this dreamy Diamond backsplash to stare at all day! At Archer Apartments in Minneapolis, they do - and we must say, it sure is a swoon-worthy kitchenette backsplash if we ever saw one. Keep reading to learn how we turned a small space into a statement with the help of a few dusty hues of handmade ceramic tile. 

Tile Overview: 

Diamonds are one of our favorite shapes because of the unique geometric patterns you can create within them. One of our team's favorite designs is what we call the "river." It's the strip of ombre coloring that floats throughout the tile. It's a custom option that we love to do, always creating a river unique to your room's layout, in order to achieve the most movement and visual space possible. The illustration below is an example of how we mock-up a tile design digitally before we start making.

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Diamond Kitchenette Backsplash Mock Up

Medium Diamonds - 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 155 Steel, 912W Cloudy Sky, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black, 61 Navy, 20 Light Blue.

A Clever Kitchenette: 

Kitchenettes aren't typically an eye-catcher and at only 9' x 6' it would be easy to write this space off with a dull design. By adding a bold and movement-filled backsplash, this space grew to look almost twice as large! Never forget, no space is too small to make a big impact on your entire home. This dreamy mixture of dusty blues and soft neutrals is the perfect example of how a little tile can go a long way. 

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Mosaic Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Blue Diamond Backsplash

Fabulous Finishing: 

Completing the whimsical energy of this installation is one of our favorite finishing techniques: organic edging. Rather than having a clean edge, let your tile flow and fade into the wall. To create this look we glaze the edge pieces of the tile that will be exposed and do a custom layout on mesh sheeting for easy install. This finishing technique adds a bit of modern spice to any project and is an easy custom option.

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Ceramic Tile and Outlet

Blue Diamond Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Final Touches: 

There are a few other details that make this project a winner. One choice that we appreciated deeply: how the gray paint matched the grout color for a magical transition from tile to wall. Little choices like this can make a huge impact on the final install, and this project gets an A+ in grout from us! In addition, the bright white cabinets, adjacent walls, and exposed ceiling gave space for this project to pop. Finally, nothing makes us happier than finishing touches of adorable decor. All of these things made for the most unforgettable kitchenette we've seen in awhile! 

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Ombre Statement Tile Backsplash

Diamond Small Kitchen Backsplash 

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