Best Bohemian Tile: Deep Teal, Bluegrass Hexagons

Best Bohemian Tile: Deep Teal, Bluegrass Hexagons

If you're looking for tile that's unique but versatile, we know a combination you're sure to love: Bluegrass Hexagons. These deep teal hexagon tiles bring an earthy and bold vibe to any space, leaving plenty of room for your personal style to come out with the rest of the decor. Keep it simple or go eclectic, with this beautiful option you can "choose your own adventure." Find your favorite look with one of these five examples that use deep teal, bluegrass hexagon mosaic tile, or dream up your own unique variation for us to make together. 

Large Hexagon Specs: 

Before we show our first two Large Hexagon projects, we wanted to share more information about the tile size and delivery of these tiles. For hex tile we have two sizes: large and small. It's worth noting that large shapes are actually less expensive per square foot than our smaller shapes because of the handmade process. Both sizes come on easy-to-install mesh sheeting. Our Large Hexagon Tiles are 5 3/8" x 6 3/16" and come on 9 1/4" x 11" sheets composed of 4 tiles.

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Large Bluegrass Tile Sheets

3 sets of Large Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass sheets laid next to each other. Photo by construction2style.  

1. Maximalist Shower Tile

No need to go crazy with multiple colors to make a room feel fit for a maximalist! This shower is the perfect example of more being more. By simply covering this shower with teal tile on every wall, ceiling, and floor, it's transformed this space into a dreamy tile oasis. The cherry on top? The gorgeous complementary brass accents. 

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Bathroom Shower Teal Ceramic Tile

Large Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass. Photo by @rdstudioinc.  

2. Earthy Bathroom Backsplash

Not every bathroom is blessed with large windows to the outdoors. Which is why a bathroom with natural vibes can be so luxurious. Just because you may not see the plants and trees from your bathroom, doesn't mean you can't bring that energy inside. Our Bluegrass glaze is the perfect teal color that's both modern and earthy - giving off all the foliage hues. Top it off with a beautiful plant like our friend did below!

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Boho Green Hex Bathroom Tile

Large Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass. Photo by @keelimking.   

3. Foliage-Filled Statement Wall

Who else can't stop swooning over this stunning statement wall? Yes, this was a big project, but you can certainly scale it down and recreate it in your home! Making tile dreams come true is our mission and no project is too small for us. So you could add this statement wall to your home in your bathroom, laundry room, entryway, really...anywhere! Find more laundry room tile ideas.

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Monochromatic Green Tile Statement Wall

Geo-Hex Pattern and Custom Lettering - 28 Everglades, 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 901E Evening Shadow, 901W Evening Shadow, 75 Emerald. Photo by @celisiastanton at

Small Hexagon Specs: 

As mentioned before, our Small Hexagon tile comes on sheets, each sheet is 13 1/4" x 10 1/4" and includes 26 pieces. Each piece is 2 3/4" x 2 7/16" with a thickness of 1/4." You can purchase them directly from our website or talk to a sales team member to make something special. 

View all of our Hexagon tile options. 

Small Deep Teal Hex Tile Specs

Small Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass.

4. Chic Hex Bathroom Floor

When pared-down to just the necessities, this tile can give all the chic feels. Sometimes clients are limited with how much tile they can purchase based on budget. We often recommend mixing a simple commercially made tile with a bold tile of ours. This commercially-made plain white subway is the perfect backdrop to let our tile shine and really pop in the space. 

We really do love hexagon tile for the floor, see a few of our favorites with our blog "9 Projects to Inspire: Hexagon Floor Tile"

Teal Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

Small Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass. Photo by @thechloeconspiracy

5. Accent Kitchen Backsplash

Sometimes a little tile goes a long way, and that can certainly be true with a small kitchen backsplash. Rather than tiling the entire wall, try a simple accent with organic edging like our friends did below. Complement the tile with boho decor to complete the look and take your remodel to the next level. 

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Kitchen Accent Teal Tile

Small Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass. Photo by @188sqft


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling. For more hexagon floor tile ideas and other inspiration, keep exploring our blog!

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