Small, Medium, Large, Just right - How to Select Tile Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, Just right - How to Select Tile Sizes

Kitchens and bathrooms and floors…oh my! With so many different spaces and sizes to cover in tile, selecting the right size of a tile shape is key to achieving the desired look! Here we profile some of our favorite Subway Tile shapes that compliment each space they inhabit. 

subway tile - small squares and bricks - how to select tile sizes

Two Sizes for a Cohesive Space

This cool blue and green color palette project shows the importance of matching the proper tile size to the space for which it is being used. By using two different tile sizes of Subway Tile in a Herringbone Pattern, we were able to translate this stunning design while building cohesion between two separate spaces. In the kitchen we chose the more classic 2″x6" Subway Tile to achieve this herringbone look. The scale of the tile fits in to the rhythm of the space, and is able to showcase each color across the herringbone pattern.

For the fireplace, we decided to use 1x4 tiles to be able to show off more of the herringbone pattern in a smaller space. The affect is similar, but these small subway tiles add a different dimension to this classic design.


kitchen and fireplace matching tile


Small Bricks

Here you see 1x2’s in a herringbone pattern in 1017E and 101 Lagoon color. Small tiles were chosen for this floor to add stability and create a nautical look, almost reminiscent of a textile. And by using the same glaze color across two different clay bodies, we can achieve high variation in a monochrome style.

Read more about glaze variation in our blog Fall in Love With Every Style of Handcrafted Tile.

Small Subway Tile Herringbone in Teal

1"x2" Small Bricks - 1017E Sea Mist, 101 Lagoon

Medium Subway Tile

3x6 Subway tile is, perhaps, the most classic of all subway tile. It offers endless options for design and layout, while maintaining a timeless look. Here we have a 1/2 offset, or staggered, pattern. This brick-style look is seen everywhere from bathrooms to kitchens, indoor and outdoor. The options are endless and we are dedicated to help you find the perfect look for your space.

For more information on how to style your Subway Tile, check our our blog: 6 Creative Patterns for Classic Subway Tile.

subway tile turquoise

3"x6" Subway Tile - 214 Coastal Breeze

Large Subway Tile

One of our larger sizes, the 3x8 Subway Tile in 1036W Bluegrass, is the perfect choice for making a bold statement. Because of the surface area of this kitchen, the larger tile evens the space out nicely. It compliments the scale of the cabinets and provides movement across the countertops.

teal subway tile how to select

3"x8" Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass



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