8 Ways to Use Floating Shelving & Handmade Tile

8 Ways to Use Floating Shelving & Handmade Tile

When it comes to shelving we are full believers in pairing our hand painted ceramic beauties with floating shelves to get the most out of your tile. We could talk all day about the benefits of floating shelving with handmade tile, but we'd rather just show you. Here are 8 ways to implement this trendy and versatile style...

1. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

This Mid-Century Modern dream kitchen takes floating shelves to the next level. These designers show that you can make multiple statements in a single space. Bold colors don’t always have to be loud and this kitchen proves it. The richness of this warm and earthy brown glossy glaze pairs perfectly with the blond floating shelves. We love how they wrap the shelves around the entire kitchen for maximal storage space! 

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Floating Shelving and Subway Tile2”x6” Subway Tile - Custom Color
Photo by @spacecrafting_photography
Design by @lucyinteriordesign

2. Statement Kitchen Niche

Our friends over at Construction2Style always have our backs when it comes to floating shelves ideas. The versatility of this style goes unmatched and this DeRusha kitchen is the perfect example. They chose to optimize the space in this chef's kitchen by using multiple floating shelves to not only show off the gorgeous handmade tile but to make sure there's plenty of space for all the necessary kitchen gadgets.

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileGeo-Hex Pattern - 1013 Denim22E Blue Opal, 155 Steel, 60 Silver Lining.
Interior Designer - Construction2Style
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Production

3. Diamond Kitchen Backsplash

Sometimes more is more and that's definitely the case with this gorgeously designed Andrea Bartholick backsplash. This is one way to take advantage of floating shelving that we've seen time after time. By installing the shelves on each side of range hood in a symmetrical manner, it allows the designer to get more creative with the shape of the tile design. 

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileMedium Diamonds - 130 White, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 912W Cloudy Sky, 1013 Denim, 155 Steel, 366 Satin Black. 
Photography - Andrea Bartholick Pace

4. Rustic Tiled Whiskey Bar

This handmade tiled whiskey bar installed by Kinetic Design Build deserves a standing ovation for the mixing of materials and backsplash ideas! Not only are these warm Craftsman inspired tiles getting us excited for the colder months but they are the perfect backdrop to organize all your bottles and glasses. These rustic floating shelves are a match made in heaven for a tiled home bar niche.

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileSmall Squares & Bricks - 65W AmberCustom Color1673 Espresso906R Burnt Sugar.
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Productions

5. Tiny Home Statement

One of our new favorite trends is seeing small but mighty statements in tiny homes. For this project, 188 sqft hit the ball out of the park with this bohemian bluegrass tiled kitchen for their remodeled RV. With any small space, storage is important. Large brackets are beautiful in the correct setting but can appear bulky in small spaces. That's why this client opted for floating shelving to make their space appear more open and to show off their glossy small hexagon tile.

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileSmall Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass.
Photography by 188 sqft.

6. Laundry Room Backsplash

Make your time in the laundry room as efficient as possible by using open shelving on a tile backsplash. This is the perfect way to show off every square inch of the tile's beauty but also a great way to make sure you stay organized when laundry day inevitably gets a little chaotic. Plus our new Onyx Blend can make even the most messy spaces feel luxurious!

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileMedium Diamonds - Onyx Blend.

7. Light and Airy Kitchen

This kitchen is our go-to check off list for all of our favorites: floating shelving, ceramic planters, colorful river, and mixed tile shapes! Your kitchen deserves some fun accessories, too. Dress your most-loved space up with contrasting sleek floating shelves and handmade ceramic planters to show off all that handmade tile can be.

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Floating Shelving and Handmade TileLarge Hexagons + Medium Diamonds11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 22E Blue Opal, Custom Color, 1016 Costa Rica, 1013 Denim, 301 Marshmallow
Large Hexagon Planter – 11 Deco White

8. Warm Scandinavian Kitchen

Last but certainly not least is this perfectly colorful Construction2Style kitchen. The designers worked with our team to come up with this cozy Scandinavian inspired blend to match the personality of their light and airy flipper house. It was so good that we even named the blend after their son - Greyson! The mixture of warm and cool hues matches flawlessly with the white oak floating shelves from Regalwood Cabinetry. We can't wait to see more colorful Triangles with floating shelving!

To find your perfect blend, visit our Blends By You page!

Black Lake Triangle KitchenLarge Triangles - Greyson Blend
Interior Designer and Installation - Construction2Style
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Production

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