Bohemian Backsplash 188 Sqft Remodeled RV

Bohemian Backsplash 188 Sqft Remodeled RV

Mandy and Kevin of 188sqft are no strangers to the open road. In 2015, they decided that stationary life was no longer for them. Since then, Mandy and Kevin along with their two dogs and two cats have been traveling the country and embracing the wanderlust lifestyle. When living in an RV, creating a space that feels like a home can be challenging. Adding a splash of colorful tile can go a long way… 

Life on the Road 

In 2015, Mandy and Kevin got rid of 80% of their belongings, found a sublease for their apartment, bought and renovated their first fifth wheel, and started their journey. In the 188sqft blog, Kevin brings up a totally valid question, “Why spend $1,400 a month on an apartment when we could own a decent used camper for $10,000?” And with that, they hit the road permanently in their remodeled 188 square foot Keystone Cougar.

188 Sqft Van
Photography: 188sqft

Why tile in an RV?

When Mandy and Kevin started the renovation process in their upgraded 2018 Keystone Cougar RV, they reached out to our team about adding handmade tile to their kitchen; and we couldn't be happier that they did. When living in an 188 square foot home, literally every inch matters. Mandy and Kevin needed a space for their family of six that was both functional and beautiful to reflect their free-spirited lifestyle. 

188 sqft van
Photography: 188sqft

Color and Shape

When you don't have much space to work with, be bold with your color choice, and choose an interesting shape. A bright color will add character to your space and make it appear larger, while a dynamic shape will create an eye-catching element. Mandy is an incredible jewelry maker and photographer, so she has a design eye for what will make a space pop. Working with our design team, the couple chose Small Hexagons in 1036W Bluegrass for a bohemian kitchen backsplash. 

To read more about tiling in small spaces, visit our blog "Tile Ideas for Small Spaces"

Green Hexagon Tile
Photography: 188 sqft
Small Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass


When installing tile (especially in small spaces), loose tiles flying left and right can be a nightmare. That’s why we mesh-mount our tiles by the square foot to ensure easy installations. Instead of having 432 pieces of tiles to deal with, Mandy and Kevin had 18 easy-to-install sheets of handmade tile for their RV backsplash.

Another unique part of this design was creating an organic edge at the top. Rather than cut that border straight, we left the pieces whole and edge-glazed the exposed  hexagons to create a beautiful, finished edge. The transition is unique, and adds a stylish and unexpected design element. 

To view more organic edging ideas, head over to our blog "Creative Tile Finishing"

Teal HexagonsTeal HexagonsPhotography: 188 sqft
Small Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass

The Results

The results were more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. This bohemian kitchen backsplash is the perfect choice for this couple traveling the country. One piece of advice we have for people choosing a color palette for a small space is don’t shy away from a little color. Sometimes a bright and bold color scheme is just what a room, or RV, needs to come alive!

To see more of our favorite bohemian inspired projects, visit our blog "Bohemian Chic Decor Ideas for Your Home"

Bluegrass Hexagons
188 sq ft backspplash
Photography: 188 sqft
Small Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass


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