Handmade Tile Shape and Pattern Inspiration

Handmade Tile Shape and Pattern Inspiration

Geometric and quilt like patterns are trending in the tile world and we couldn’t be more excited about it. With the immense variety of shape, pattern and color that we offer, the applications are endless. Mixing our standard shapes to create interesting patterns is the perfect way to get some inspiration for your home. Continue reading for 5 ways to play around with shapes and patterns!

1. Triangles!

Everyone’s favorite 3-sided shape is a design trend that is on the rise. From Nordic to retro our Triangle Collection offers a wide variety of style options that will get any design enthusiast excited. Here is our new Foxwell Blend - a cozy and modern color palette that offers dimension and warmth to any space. It's the perfect mix of light neutrals, warm browns and cool darks. Wrap your kitchen, fireplace, or den with this blend to add the final touch of comfort.

Large Triangles - Foxwell BlendLarge Triangles - Foxwell Blend
Photography - Fox Homes

2. A New Classic

Mixing the old with the new for a modern yet retro look is one of our new favorite things to play with and this Art-Deco mosaic tile inspired bathroom floor design is at the top of the list. By using simple shapes arranged in an orderly pattern this optical illusion tile hits all the right marks. And the soft green with graphic black and white color palette? This is a refreshed tile classic in the making. 

Custom Patterned Floor - 613 Black, 11 Deco White, 216 Sea Glass.Custom Patterned Floor - 613 Black, 11 Deco White, 216 Sea Glass.

3. Customize it

Our Victorian Mosaic Pattern offer an endless supply of exciting design options. These geometric inspired sheets come in 2 variations so when put together create a large quilt-like pattern. Just imagine the possibilities of playing around with mix tile color to customize this for your home.

2"x2" Subway Tile & Triangles - 366 Satin Black, 301 Marshmallow, 39 London Fog, 1013 Denim.Victorian Mosaic Pattern - 366 Satin Black301 Marshmallow39 London Fog1013 Denim.

4. Small Squares & Bricks

This rich and luxurious tiled whiskey bar is another example of creative minimalist design. Who else wants to come home after a long day to this beautiful home bar? The warm Craftsman-inspired tile wall is a lovely backdrop to organize your bottles and glasses. The 1x2 Herringbone pattern is also a great use of small tile in a small space, making this pint-sized bar seem bigger and more regal.  

Small Squares & Bricks - 65W Amber, 112 Saddle Clove, 1673 Espresso, 906R Burnt Sugar. Photography - Chelsie Lopez Productions1x2 Herringbone Tiles - 65W Amber112 Saddle Clove1673 Espresso906R Burnt Sugar.
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Productions

5. A Garden Floor

And finally, to add the ultimate mood-booster to any room in your home consider our Hexagon Mosaic Flower Pattern sheets. Keeping with the bright and fun feel of this vintage design, this classic look is revamped with our hand-glazed Small Hexagons. Who needs to go outside when you can curl up and have a good cry on your flowered bathroom floor?

Small Hexagons in Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45R My Blue Heaven, 1064 Baby Blue. Small Hexagons in Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45R My Blue Heaven, 1064 Baby Blue.
Photography by Tk Cunningham Photo
Design by Brooke Crew Interiors

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