Art Deco-Inspired Glamily Room

Art Deco-Inspired Glamily Room

Ready to be inspired? This purple tiled fireplace was a part of a dreamy modern art deco living room décor project by Emily Meszkat, the interior designer and creative genius calls it a "glamily room" - a glam family room. We hope this gets you inspired to add some warm and punchy hues to your next renovation! 

The Dream: 

Emily's client dreamed of a house entirely made up of pink and purple. While this would make most interior designers run, Emily was ready to take on the challenge. Her job was to create a bright and fun room that was still minimal and modern. While planning for the room she learned about Mercury Mosaics and thought, "if I could convince this client to do a pink and purple fireplace, how crazy would that be?" Well, it turns out: not so crazy. 

The Planning: 

Emily purchased samples from our site comparing it to the fabric for the room, trying to pick the perfect combination. When unsure about what to colors to choose, Emily asked her 8-year old Clara what she thought. Without hesitation Clara picked out the final colors, "I think children see color more purely and without bias - she was dead on in any case."

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1011 Royal Purple, 615 Purple Plum, 815R Ash

The Finished Product: 

The finished room is jaw-dropping. It has such a distinct style, a mixture of art deco, modern, minimalist, maximalist, and glam decor. The tiled fireplace was the perfect grounding feature for the style of the rest of the room. Emily was drawn to the way that you could see the handmade character of the ceramic tile detail.

This pink and purple fireplace is now the centerpiece of not only the room, but the entire house as you can see it from the front door! The client and Emily loved the fireplace so much that they're planning another one for the house. Stay tuned, we can't wait to share another one of Emily's creations with you.


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  • Mercury Mosaics

    Thanks Emily! You are so talented, it has been such a treat to work together.

  • Emily Meszkat

    Hail to you at mercury mosaics for making this happen! ??

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