An Ombre-Inspired Tile Backsplash: Meet Our Custom “River” Motif

An Ombre-Inspired Tile Backsplash: Meet Our Custom “River” Motif

Designing a room isn’t just the chance to let your personality sing; it’s also the opportunity to transform the mood of any given space. The tile you use throughout a room is one way to instantly elevate the environment. You might want a kitchen backsplash that’s dramatic and monochromatic, or you might want a variety of colors and shapes to make a statement wall that’s uniquely you. 

One of our favorite custom tile designs is also our most popular for a reason: The “river” motif works perfectly with any color palette, and allows you to make either a subtle or strong statement in any room. If you’re a fan of ombre, you’ll likely be a fan of our “river” tile pattern. The “river” design is exactly how it sounds: mimicking the organic movement of a river, this pattern typically starts at the base of the wall then flows upwards. The ombre edges are like the bank of a river—a steady transition from earth to water, or color to color in this case. 

1. Light & Airy River Backsplash

For example, this oven backsplash for our friends at Heartbeet Kitchen uses our Medium Diamond tile in a range of pastel colors to create the “river” motif. The soft and subtle colors add a light, airy vibe to this modern kitchen. 

Heartbeet Kitchen Diamond River BacksplashMedium Diamonds - 301 Marshmallow, 815W Light Grey, 912W Cloudy Sky, 214 Coastal Breeze, 22E Blue Opal, Custom Colors.
Interior Design by Heartbeet Kitchen
Styling by @Creekwoodhill @francois_et_moi
Installation by @bcherney
Photography by @Sageeimagery

2. Bold & Beautiful River Backsplash

In another kitchen project we used a combination of glazes and bold neutrals to complement this modern and sleek kitchen. The “river” itself consists of white and gray Medium Diamond tile, but also uses a high-gloss black that shines against the matte black tile seen elsewhere in the kitchen. Sneaking in a shiny-glaze black tile adds subtle movement and texture while honoring the kitchen’s sophisticated style. 

Modern and Sleek Black Kitchen BacksplashMedium Diamonds - 366 Satin Black, 613 Black, 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey, 11 Deco White, 155 Steel

3. Colorful Bar Backsplash

If grays and whites aren’t your style, then take a page from this backsplash that uses warmer pops of color throughout the “river.” This backsplash introduces color or warmth to this apartment bar backsplash without overpowering the space. It also complements the natural wood and brushed brass used throughout the space, creating a cohesive design. 

Colorful River Kitchen Backsplash
2"x6" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White. Medium Diamonds
301 Marshmallow, 22E Blue Opal24 Dandelion901E Evening Shadow, 366 Satin Black, Custom Color.
Interior Design by Martha Dayton Designs
Styling by Paula Bjerketvedt
Location at Left Lane

4. Unique Tiled Fireplace

The “river” isn’t just a popular kitchen backsplash; it’s versatility extends to all rooms in your house or commercial space. Designed by Construction2Style, we love how this client used the “river” motif along their three-side fireplace. Using a palette of blue, browns and a little iridescence, a “river” of diamond-shaped tile creates a wavy, ombre-like effect cutting through the subway tile.
​​Unique Tiled  Fireplace River Design3”x6” Subway Tile: 155 Steel. Medium Diamonds: 913 Old Copper, 613 Black, 130 White, 155 Steel 65W Amber, 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, Custom Colors.
Interior Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Chelsie Lopez Productions

5. Statement Rainbow River Wall

Maybe you want something that makes a bigger statement, like this custom design we were able to help create for Steller Hair Co. A combination of colorful, iridescent Large Hexagon and Medium Diamond tiles create a “river” pattern that flows through matte black cabinetry. Using an organic edge-glazed topcoat adds even more texture. This bold backsplash embodies the salon’s fierce and confident attitude, complete with custom lettering that reminds all guests to “Come As You Are.” 

Statement Rainbow River Wall

Geo-Hex Pattern - Custom Colors.

Ready to run a “river” through your own space? Contact us today at Mercury Mosaics and we’ll get this tile fired. 

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