8 Dreamy Ways to Pair Wallpaper and Tile

8 Dreamy Ways to Pair Wallpaper and Tile

Hygge & West is definitely at the top of our list when is comes to companies we admire. Creating cozy, beautiful environments where small, everyday moments can be enjoyed is what they’re all about, so it’s no surprise that their wonderfully whimsical wallpaper is a match made in heaven for our handmade tile. When you put the two together, it creates some serious magic. Check out these 8 dreamy ways to pair wallpaper and tile that will have you itching for your next renovation...

1. Welcome a Whimsical Space

One thing we share with Hygge & West is our love of fun, bold, and colorful designs. They are all for pushing the limits of design with creativity and turning their craft into pieces of art. Our Minneapolis neighbor and co-owner of Hygge & West, Christina Lagos, says that she doesn't subscribe to any one look-  we couldn't agree with her more.  We are all for mixing, matching, contrasting, complementing and every thing in between. So welcome a whimsical space with bold patterns and bright colors to create an unforgettable space. 

To get inspired by some of our favorite spaces, head over to our inspiration gallery.

Wallpaper: Tilton Fenwick Florebela - Coral.
Tile: 2"x4" Subway Tile - 45W My Blue Heaven.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.


2. Pretty in Pink

We can't deny our love for pink and we have a hunch that the Aimee and Christiana of Hygge & West feel the same. For all the pink lovers out there, you are in luck, because pink bathrooms are back in style! And we are totally fawning over this colorful combo of tile and wallpaper. With Pantone's Color of the Year being Living Coral, it's no surprise that shades of pink have taken over in the design world. Our 309E Grapefruit is a dreamy, soft hue of coral that would be welcomed in any powder room. 

For more ways to use this color, visit our blog "Use Pantone's Color of the Year 2019 with Grapefruit Glaze"

Wallpaper: Tilton Fenwick Angelina - Coral.
Tile: Assorted shapes - 309E Grapefruit.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

3. Warm Rustic

Step up your bungalow style home and give it some flare. This warm hued combo is sure to turn heads as an entry way or reading nook. Instead of choosing contrasting colors or obsessing over matching the perfect color, try playing with a monochrome palette. Our Craftsman Squares are anything but square and when paired with this colorful wallpaper, it creates a welcoming and warm duo.

For more ways to use warm-hued tiles, "6 Ways to Use Warm Hues in Your Next Tile Renovation"

Wallpaper: Emily Isabella Bloom - Marigold.
Tile: Large & Small Craftsman Squares - 112 Saddle Clove.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

4. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are shining bright in the design world right now. Sapphire blues, emerald greens, amethyst purples are some of our favorites. Pair these deep teal Diamonds with this whimsical wallpaper and watch the magic come to life. If this is your jam, we are so with you! We just have a couple of suggestions to keep in mind. First, choose a deep and rich glaze with a glossy finish - the shinier, the better for this trend. Next, consider a small space such as a powder room. This is a bold and impactful design so choose a space where the shock factor won't wear off. 

For more delicious eye-candy, head over to our full Color Palette

Wallpaper: Julia Rothman Foret - Teal.
Tile: Medium Diamonds - 29E Lake Superior.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

5. Mix and Match

Throw conventional design rules out the window and try mixing and matching shapes and patterns. Something we share with Hygge & West is viewing our crafts as works of art. We recommend channeling your inner artist and getting creative by mixing different patterns and shapes when it comes to pairing tile and wallpaper. 

For more ways to create patterns, visit our blog "Simple Ways to Create Patterns with Standard Tile"

Wallpaper: Lawson-Fenning Palma - Deep Green.
Tile: Large Hexagons and Medium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

6. Sleek Satin

Create a luxurious space by using a dark satin glaze. Satin finishes are totally underrated in our opinion. They have a nice, smooth finish with a slight sheen when caught by the light. They automatically transform a space into a luxurious oasis. Our 366 Satin Black is a match made in heaven for this floral gold wallpaper also with a satin finish. This design concept is dying to be a bar nook. 

For more on different glaze finishes, visit our blog "3 Things to Consider When Choosing Glaze Color"

Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. Queen Anne - Ebony.
Tile: 3"x3"s - 366 Satin Black.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

7. Get Playful

"Escape to a peaceful world where pigs fly and moments of magic are around every corner with this folk-art inspired pattern." Is the description of this playful wallpaper pattern. If this doesn't make you want to channel your inner child, we don't know what will! Inherently playful in nature, Penny Rounds are the perfect option if you want to get creative with shape but not color. 

For more ways tiled floor ideas, head over to our blog "13 Floor Tile Ideas for Your Home"

Wallpaper: Emily Isabella Storyline - Mist.
Tile: Small Penny Rounds - 130 White.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.

8. Modern Farmhouse (With a Twist)

We hate that modern design tends to lean towards a neutral palette so this our vision of a colorful, modern farmhouse concept. Farmhouse decor should be warm, cozy, and full of charm and character. It should also have a mixture of new and old. Choose a palette that is subtle yet appealing, and designs that are interesting but not too busy. This combination of variation in tile and floral wallpaper makes for the perfect farmhouse combo.

For more interior inspiration, head over to our blog "5 Perfect Palettes Inspired by Colorful Interiors"

Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. Peonies - Yellow.
Tile: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1065 Mint Julep.
Countertop: Cambria Sawnbridge.


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