Use Pantone's Color of the Year with Grapefruit Glaze

Use Pantone's Color of the Year with Grapefruit Glaze


Living Coral Pantone 2019 Color of the Year

We were thrilled when we saw Pantone release their 2019 color of the year: Living Coral. While a much deeper hue, it reminds us of our new glaze color 309E Grapefruit! Both are "vibrant and mellow" pink hues with a tint of warmth. It's the perfect color to brighten up a dull-hued winter. Here are 5 ways to use pink tile in your home: 

1. Perfectly Pink Bathroom:

Pink bathrooms are back in trend thanks to the popularity of Mid-Century Modern interiors. You'll get an instant-glam look with this color without having to do a lot of designing - the color speaks for itself. Plus, having a bright pink color to greet you every morning is an excellent way to start the day. 

Pink-Diamond-Bathroom-TileCambria Countertop: Myddleton

Medium Pink Diamonds  


2. Fruit-Inspired Kitchen Backsplash:

We figured that the juicy grapefruit glaze is ideal for a produce-filled kitchen. We love styling fresh fruit in front of this jaw-dropping tile color. This bold color will uplift your kitchen creating a modern and fun space to create your meals. Try it in our standard herringbone tile for a custom look while staying on budget.


Cambria Countertop: Myddleton

Pink Herringbone Tile



Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit.

3. Playing With a Bold Tile Color:

While playing with this bold color, keep in mind that we offer it in any of our 12 standard tile shapes. Each shape creates it's own unique graphic element and has a different effect when complementary colors are added. We think this color would look great as a focal point to an otherwise neutral room. We also think it could be beautifully styled with complementary blue/green colors. Try adding 913 Old Copper glaze as a complementary color like the diamond sheets below. 

Complementary Color Palette Tile

Cambria Countertop: SwanbridgeSmall Moroccan Fish Scales - Grapefruit

Small Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit. $156 per sq. ft

Diamond Green and Pink Tile

Medium Diamonds - 309E Grapefruit913 Old Copper, 11 Deco White.

Cambria Countertop: Swanbridge

4. Style Your Tile with Florals:

Nothing freshens up a room better than florals. Whether faux succulents, dried or fresh flowers, we adore styling our tile with natural elements. Reach out to our sales team to request one of these custom planters in your tile installation to make sure you always have the perfect place to put a fresh bud. 


Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - Grapefruit


Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit.

5. This Color Has Us #Floored:

Adding a statement floor is a beautiful way to personalize a space. Using a unique color like this is sure to make anyone who walks on it #floored


Small Hexagons - 309E Grapefruit.

Cambria Countertop: Myddleton

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit.

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