7 Ways to Rock White Ceramic Tile

7 Ways to Rock White Ceramic Tile

White tile is a timeless classic and is known for being simplistic, fresh, and airy. We love when clients get creative with their tile, especially when it comes to playing around with our white glazes. There are many ways you can spice your home up without things getting dull. Continue reading to see 7 ways you can incorporate white tile in your home in new and modern ways.

1. Playful Penny Rounds

First on the list are these charming Penny Round tiles! Adding a fun tile shape can change the mood of the space in a snap, especially with a color like white. This backsplash includes a mix of our stark 11 Deco White and high variation 130 White which adds subtle texture. Plus, these white ceramic tiles are perfect for making small spaces feel grand.

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Small Penny Rounds – 130 White, 11 Deco WhiteSmall Penny Rounds 130 White, 11 Deco White

2. Bubble Statement

Bright and bold while staying minimalistic. With a solid glossy color and clean transition between the white Subway tile and Bubbles, this glossy white backsplash is perfect for making a statement. The best part about working with white tile is that you can play around with colors without having the background clash! Try a white subway tile kitchen backsplash or shower for another fun option. You can find more backsplash ideas here.

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3x8 Subway Tile with Bubbles – 11 Deco White

3x8 Subway Tile with Bubbles 11 Deco White
At Cocoon Salon 

3. Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash

White kitchen backsplashes are always a fan favorite, and this kitchen takes a twist on the classic. Pairing a high variation white tile and neutral cabinets is ideal for those who still want a striking space without all the white. Plus, our 130 White glaze adds a one-of-a-kind look that is special to Mercury Mosaics.

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Large Hexagons – 130 White

Large Hexagons – 130 White 

4. Color Transitions

Ombré designs are one of our favorites, especially this reception desk at Brow Chic! The mix of neutral colors, starting with white and transitioning to dark grey, which creates such a chic look. Another way to spice up your design is by combining tile shapes, just like this Hexagon and Diamond duo.                                                                                                                      

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Geo-Hex Pattern – 11 Deco White, 130 White, 60 Silver LiningGeo-Hex Pattern 11 Deco White, 130 White, 60 Silver Lining

5. Black and White Floral Floor

Black and white is a pair made in heaven, so this floral black and white ceramic tile floor is a dream come true! One thing that makes this floor standout from others is the mix of finishes. The glossy white and satin black ceramic tiles create depth and add such a unique touch that we adore.

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Small Hexagons – 11 Deco White, 9 Historic White, 366 Satin BlackSmall Hexagons – 11 Deco White, 9 Historic White, 366 Satin Black

6. Moroccan Fish Scale Bathroom

Fish Scales are a perfect addition to any home, especially for bathroom projects! Their shape has such a lively and interesting design that draws all eyes to it. This white ceramic tile backsplash uses our warmer toned white which creates a soft and calming mood. Each of our white glaze colors has its own personality which brings life to any space it’s installed in.

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Large Moroccan Fish Scales – 301 MarshmallowLarge Moroccan Fish Scales – 301 Marshmallow

7. Chevron Pattern Shower

Monochrome palettes can be just as exciting as a colorful palette, and this shower proves it. Adding a statement piece like this white tile backsplash is key to keeping things flowing and upbeat when using one color. All attention is drawn to the stunning Chevron Pattern which is created using our Medium Diamond tiles. Can you say eye-candy?! 

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Medium Diamonds in Chevron Pattern – 11 Deco WhiteMedium Diamonds in Chevron Pattern – 11 Deco White
Design - Surfside Home Co.
Photography - Pura Soul Photography 

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