6 Organic Modern Spaces With Earthy Handmade Tile

6 Organic Modern Spaces With Earthy Handmade Tile

What is Organic Modern?

Organic modern style seamlessly merges contemporary design with the natural world, blending clean lines and minimalism with the warmth of natural materials and artisanal craftsmanship. Characterized by neutral colors, flowing forms, and biophilic elements, it creates serene and airy vibes that are often enriched by handmade elements such as handcrafted artisan tile! Continue reading to see 6 projects that use handmade tile to create gorgeous organic modern spaces.

1. Handmade Tile Terracotta Hexagon Bathroom Floor

Step into a haven of relaxation and warmth with a terracotta hexagon en-suite bathroom floor. These rusty chestnut tiles are perfect for an organic modern space due to their earthy energy, timeless appeal and modern glossy finish. This bathroom oasis designed by Emily Pueringer showcases how artisan tiles can infuse a space with natural warmth, creating a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and timeless elegance.

For more on this project, visit our blog "Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home Tour"

Chestnut Hexagon Tile Bathroom FloorLarge Hexagons - 96 Chestnut
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer
Photography - Rubinksi Works
Installation - Quality Cut Design Remodel

2. Emerald Green Bathroom Vanity

Zimmer Design is bringing the lush beauty of nature indoors with this stunning organic modern bathroom design. The emerald green subway tile vanity backsplash effortlessly bridges the gap between contemporary style and the serenity of the outdoors making this tile the perfect choice for the organic modern lover. Plus, each tile is a testament to handmade craftsmanship, creating a vibrant yet calming oasis that invigorates the eyes. 

For more emerald green tile designs, visit our blog "Color Alert: Emerald Green." And click here for more backsplash ideas.

Emerald Subway Tile Bathroom
3"x8" Subway Tile - 75 Emerald
Interior Design - Zimmer Design
Photography - Spacecrafting Photography
Styling - Marissa Onheiber

3. Dark Grey Subway Tiled Bathroom Floor

We are fully embracing the beauty of organic modern design with this captivating cloudy grey subway tiled bathroom floor. We love how Yond Interiors uses two tile shapes (4"x4" & 2”x4”s) to create organic movement within the design. This dreamy project is proof that organic modern style can be implemented flawlessly with a dark & moody tile hue. 

Visit our blog "Dreamy Transitional Tile, An Artful Living Collab” to learn more about this project.

Cloudy Sky Organic Modern Bathroom Tile

4"x4" & 2”x4” Subway Tile - 912W Cloudy Sky
Interior Design - Yond Interiors
Photography by Amanda Birnie

4. Organic Diamond River Backsplash

Take a dive into our organic modern, custom "river" motif with this pastel kitchen backsplash. The river backsplash is one of our favorite designs to achieve an organic modern vibe with its natural movement flowing up from the range towards the hood. The soft pastel glaze colors add a light, airy vibe to this modern kitchen while the river design makes an alluring statement. Can you picture this dreamy organic modern design in your kitchen?

For more Diamond river backsplashes, visit our blog "Trendy Tile Designs Inspired by One Custom Backsplash"

Medium Diamonds River Kitchen BacksplashMedium Diamonds - 301 Marshmallow, 815W Light Grey912W Cloudy Sky, 214 Coastal Breeze, 22E Blue Opal, Custom Colors.
Interior Design by Heartbeet Kitchen
Styling by @Creekwoodhill @francois_et_moi
Installation by @bcherney
Photography by @Sageeimagery

5. Bathroom with Ceramic Tile Planters

Bring the outdoors in for an organic modern design with our Custom Tile Planters! These beauties automatically add a natural element to any tile design. We love every detail about this dreamy space. From the slatted wooden ceiling to wall transition, standing tub, matte 913 Old Copper tiled wall, and tile planters - every part of this space is intentional. Available in many different shapes, ask your Tile Specialist about adding Custom Tile Planters to your design!

For more ways to use custom tile planters tile, visit our blog "Ceramic Wall Planters to Add to Your Tile"

Hexagon Custom Planter BathroomCustom Tile Planters and Large Hexagons - 913 Old Copper
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

6. Light and Airy Square Ombré Backsplash

Ombré tile designs are a fan favorite amongst organic modern lovers and for good reason! An ombré tile backsplash allows designers to play with color in a more organic and free-flowing way. Vantage Collection, a Jersey City luxury apartment complex, went all out with their tiled backdrop. We love how they filled their space with lush greenery and natural wood for a total organic modern vibe.

For ombre inspiration, visit our blog "7 Ombre Tile Ideas with Different Shapes & Colors"

Ombre Tile Apartment Backsplash

Interior Design - Vantage Collection

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