6 Ceramic Tile Planter Ideas for your Next Project

6 Ceramic Tile Planter Ideas for your Next Project

Two of our all time favorite things are fresh flowers and tile, so we thought why not combine the two? From tropical succulents to seasonal flowers or holiday holly, our custom tile mosaic planters are the perfect way to bring some extra life to your home. Here are six projects that show how to use these ceramic tile planters in your next project..

Midwest Home Magazine

Too good not to share first is the Crystal Kitchen & Bath project featuring our handmade tile. This gorgeously dynamic kitchen ranked on Midwest Home Design Awards for Best Interior Use of Tile. Apparently we aren't the only ones who are falling in love with ceramic tile planters. 🙂

Sometimes less is more and that's definitely the case with this festive kitchen. Add a statement on top of your statement by adding a single planter! We love how the homeowners of this festive kitchen chose add one single Hexagon planter in 11 Deco White to their backsplash. Not only does it make the space much more dynamic but it's the best conversation starter when you have guests over.

Midwest Home Magazine

Geo-Hex Kitchen BacksplashLarge Hexagons, Small HexagonsMedium Diamonds, 2"x6"s – 11 Deco White77E Grey22E Blue Opal, Custom Color, 1016 Costa Rica1013 Denim301 Marshmallow
Large Hexagon Planter – 11 Deco White 
Interior Design by Crystal Kitchen & Bath.

The Scoop

Our planters are simple yet gorgeous customizations that we can add to your easy-to-install mesh sheeting. Because it's a custom option, you can dream beyond these amazing options - just give us a call and let us know your idea on what ceramic wall planters you want to add to your tile!

Tile Planter Sizes

1. Cozy Bath Tub Nook

First up on our list is this cozy bathtub nook designed by our friends at Shed Tiny House. This space is a total dream come true. From the slatted wooden ceiling to wall transition, standing tub, and matte 913 Old Copper tiled wall, every part of this space is intentional. We especially love how they added Large Hexagon planters in an organic manner. It gives plant lovers he option the include plants in their space without dealing with unneeded shelving. 

For more ways to use Hexagon tile, visit our blog "6 Ways to Use Hexagon Tile in Your Home"

Planter Hexagon BathroomCustom Tile Planters and Large Hexagons - 913 Old Copper
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

2. Instagrammable Statement Wall

This project we did with the amazing Pinewood Events is definitely one for the books. It's everything we love in one design - organic edging, custom planters, mixed shapes and of course a plethora of our favorite glossy green glazes. Whether it's an event space or your home, we want to create a beautiful backdrop for where your most important memories will be made. Having the option to add fresh flowers and greenery to the space is just the cherry on top of this gorgeous statement wall.

To learn ways on how to incorporate tile, visit our blog “10 Unique Ways to Incorporate Handmade Tile

Geo Hex Custom Tiled StatementGeo-Hex Pattern - 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 75 Emerald28 Everglades, Custom Color, 901E Evening Shadow and Custom Tile Planters
Photographer (Left to Right) - Celisia StantonPinewood.mn

3. Tiled Office Bar

Torn about adding shelving over your tile for the sake of your beloved plants? With our custom tiled planter you can have the best of both worlds! We can't get enough of this Weinstein Properties statement backsplash. The variation in our 130 White glaze makes these 6"x6" Subway Tiles shine even brighter. Plus the diagonal garden of lush succulents and tropical air plants make is hard to take our eyes off of.

For more stacked projects, visit our blog "5 Trendy Stacked Tile Projects we Love"

Square Planter Wall6"x6" Subway Tile with Custom Tile Planters - 130 White.
Photography - Weinstein Properties

4. Design Studio Wall

In our opinion it's all about a grand entrance and this Studio Grey Design Studio entryway is definitely no exception. These deep green Large Hexagons in our glossy Rainforest glaze set the tone for the rest of the office space. The final touch for this entry was adding custom Large Hexagon Planters to create a vertical garden of fresh greenery and tropical succulents. 

Learn more about our custom planter options with our blog "Ceramic Wall Planters to Add to Your Tile"

Studio Grey Planter Tile WallLarge Hexagons & Custom Tile Planters - 958 Rainforest.

5. Monochromatic Statement Wall

There are so many things to adore about this statement wall, it's hard to know where to start. First, the monochromatic palette of glazes works perfectly with the vibrant greens of the plants and shines bright against the dark green paint color. Second, the shape of the tile is gorgeously intentional - we love when clients get creative with organic edging. Lastly, all the design elements work flawlessly together in this Studio Grey. This project has us itching for more custom tile planter designs!

Get more monochromatic concepts with our blog "6 Monochromatic Ideas for Your Home"

Studio Grey Planter Tile WallMedium Diamonds and Custom Tile Planters - 901W Evening Shadow, 956 Smoke N Mirrors, 920 Midnight Sky, 1025 Heirloom Silver, 912W Cloudy Sky, 155 Steel

Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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