6 Monochromatic Ideas for Your Home

6 Monochromatic Ideas for Your Home

Monochromatic tile is a stunning way to achieve a bold and put-together look. To achieve a monochromatic color palette, simply add various amounts of white, grey, or black to a single base hue. This design idea creates depth and flow to tile installations. From bathroom floors, kitchen backsplashes, to statement walls, this tile idea is perfect for your next project. There are many ways to put this idea into action, so we’ve broken out a few of our favorite ways to inspire you to start your next project! 

Here are 6 color monochrome tile ideas for your home:

1. Vertical ombre.

Bring your monochromatic ombre to the next level by installing your tile in a vertical space. We love this idea as a statement wall in a bathroom shower. Spreading the ombre tile over a long wall creates a beautiful cascading effect.

Large Hexagons ‚Äď 11 Deco White, 130 White, 39 London Fog, 956 Smoke N Mirrors, 366 Satin Black.

2. Add pops of contrasting color.

Just because you’re going monochromatic, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pop of color in there! We like adding one variation that has extra contrast to add interest. This idea emphasizes the shape of your tile, so pick a fun one! 

Large Hexagons - 61 Navy, 18 Bright Blue, 1013 Denim, 1025 Heirloom Silver.

3. Moroccan Fish Scale ombre.

As home of the Moroccan Fish Scale, we have to give a shout out to our favorite tile shape because it looks so good in ombre. The mermaid tile shape naturally mirrors the colors going from one hue to the next. Using ombre on this shape makes them look like actual fish scales!

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 956 Smoke N’ Mirrors, 912W Cloudy Sky, 1043 Driftwood, 130 White, 11 Deco White.

4. Add monochromatic décor elements.

Rather than just focusing on the wall, make your whole space monochromatic by tying in matching d√©cor elements! Whether it be wall paper, furniture, or small accessories ‚Äď this extra step creates a cohesive and stunning look. ¬†

¬†3‚ÄĚ x 6‚ÄĚ Subway Tile - 1065 Mint Julep.¬†Bluestone Lane Coffee.

5. High variation glaze.

If finding matching monochromatic shades seems like a pain to you, have no fear! Many of our colors have high variation, meaning each tile has unique color variation based on the brush stroke and tile elf who made it! These 33 Vivid Blue Diamonds are the perfect example of this natural monochromatic style.

 Medium Diamonds - 33 Vivid Blue.

6. Blended monochromatic.

Last, but certainly not least is a blended monochromatic tile. We offer over 100 color options, so it should be fun to pick out 3-5 different glazes to evenly distribute. If this still feels intimidating, we launched a new site and now offer sheets of tile for sale in pre-picked color palettes. Have fun shopping here and let us do the heavy lifting.

Large Moroccan Fish Scales¬†‚Äst1064 Baby Blue,¬†12W Blue Bell,¬†45W My Blue Heaven¬†paired with¬†Cambria's Swanbridge countertop.


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get a free consultation. 

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