10 Festive Home Tile Makeovers for the Holidays

10 Festive Home Tile Makeovers for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to prepare your home for a festive atmosphere than with creative ceramic tile projects? From an Emerald fireplace that evokes winter's wonder to a quirky Mid-Century Modern office with Mid Mod Squares, we've got your holiday home transformation covered. So, get ready to embark on a tile-tastic journey that will add an extra touch of magic to your holiday celebrations.

1. Cozy Lodge Kitchen Backsplash

Transform your kitchen into a rustic holiday haven with a warm geometric diamond-patterned backsplash. These earthy, rich hues are reminiscent of a cozy mountain lodge and set the perfect stage for festive feasting.

Find your perfect blend through our Blends By You tool!

Cozy Lodge Diamond Tile Backsplash
Medium Diamonds - 65W Amber, 911 Stardust, Custom Color.
Interior Design by Sabbe Interior Design at Art Lodge

2. Opulent Emerald Green Fireplace

Elevate your living room with an Emerald green subway tile fireplace that exudes regal elegance. The lush green tiles surrounded by warm natural wood create an opulent focal point that pays homage to the season's rich and vibrant colors.

Find more ways to use our Emerald green tile on our blog

Emerald Green Subway Tile Fireplace
2"x6" Subway Tile - 75 Emerald
Interior Design by Quarter Design Studio

3. Coastal Bathroom Vanity

Give your bathroom a coastal holiday vibe with an ombre blue to white Moroccan Fish Scale vanity backsplash. Starting with 33 Vivid Blue at the top and trickling down into 77E Grey at the bottom, this five glaze ombre vanity has us dreaming of a peaceful winter. The serene gradient effect makes your bathroom a tranquil retreat reminiscent of a beachside getaway during the cold winter months.

For more coastal vibes, visit our Nautical page!

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 33 Vivid Blue, 1015E Caribbean Blue, 1064 Baby Blue, 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey.

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 33 Vivid Blue1015E Caribbean Blue, Custom Color, 60 Silver Lining77E Grey.
Photography by Andrea Rugg Photography
Design by Kate Roos Design

4. Triangle Winter Blend Backsplash

If you're a passionate cook, picture your kitchen as a culinary wonderland adorned with white and grey triangle tiled walls, resembling a high-end commercial kitchen similar to the one pictured below. This blend reminded us of a snowy backdrop so much so that we named it the Winter Blend.

For more Triangle tiled projects, visit our blog "6 Ways to Use Triangle Tile"

Tile Trend Alert: 6 Ways to Use TrianglesLarge Triangles - Winter Blend
Photography by VONDELINDE
Interior Design and Architect by RSP Architects

5. Patina Green Herringbone Backsplash

Infuse your kitchen with playful elegance by incorporating a Patina green Herringbone backsplash. This whimsical pattern brings a touch of sophistication and is an ideal backdrop for creating holiday culinary masterpieces.

Visit our gorgeous selection of herringbone tile here!

2"x6" Herringbone Tile - 123R Patina2"x6" Herringbone Tile - 123R Patina
Interior Design & Photography - Bari J. Ackerman 

6. Merry Mid-Century Modern Tiled Office

Make working from home a festive adventure with a Mid-Century Modern office featuring our Mid Mod Squares. This new tile collection features quirky square 4"x4"s, 2"x4"s and custom cut half circles. This vibrant and retro-inspired design will put you in the holiday spirit as you tackle your tasks.

For more ways to this trendy tile, visit our Mid Mod Squares page!

Mid Mod Squares Office BacksplashMid Mod Squares - 301 Marshmallow, 155 Steel, 20 Light Blue, 22E Blue Opal, 75 Emerald, 1036W Bluegrass, 904 Sunstone, Custom Color.
Design Lead by Erinn Farrell Design
Photography by Bethany Birnie
Skaksel Floating Shelves by Shelfology

7. Festive Fall Triangle Backsplash

Give your kitchen a Mid-Century Modern twist with a Triangle backsplash featuring our popular Foxwell Blend. The pops of warm colors will infuse your space with holiday cheer, making it the perfect spot for gatherings and baking gingerbread cookies.

Find out what the Foxwell Blend is all about with our curated sample pack!

Large Triangles Foxwell BlendLarge Triangles - Foxwell Blend
Interior Design and photography from Semi Handmade

8. Deck the Halls in Denim Tile

Elevate your bathroom with a moody Denim 2"x4" Subway tile backsplash for your vanity. This deep and comforting shade will transform your bathroom into a cozy oasis, perfect for relaxing during the holidays.

For more dark & moody tile projects, visit our vibes page here!

2”x4” Subway Tile Stacked - 1013 Denim2”x4” Subway Tile Stacked - 1013 Denim
Interior Design by studio Volpe_SV
Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson
Styling by Michael Reynolds NYC
Architect by David Bers Architecture

9. Colorful Craftsman River Backsplash

Add a pop of color to your craftsman bungalow kitchen with a vibrant diamond river backsplash. The unique and vivid colors will make your kitchen a lively hub for cooking up festive feasts.

For more color backsplash ideas, visit our blog "6 Colorful Backsplash Ideas"

Colorful Craftsman River BacksplashMedium Diamonds – 130 White11 Deco White123R Patina815W Light Grey366 Satin Black75 Emerald613 Black1013 Denim, 22E Blue Opal
Interior Design by Hanson Remodeling
Photography by Todd Hafermann

10. Denim Blend Bathroom

Dive into Denim delight with a Moroccan Fish Scale shower featuring a blend of blues known as the Denim Blend. It's like taking a dip in a denim sea, and it's the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day of holiday preparations. 

For more tile blends, visit our blog "7 Favorite Color Blends"

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - Denim BlendMedium Moroccan Fish Scales - Denim Blend
Interior Design - Elizabeth Bolognino
Photography - Adam Kane Macchia

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