Sample Pack - Triangles - Foxwell Blend

Foxwell Sample Pack
Foxwell Sample Pack
triangle tile foxwell blend
Foxwell Sample Pack
Foxwell Sample Pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
$40 per pack

In awe of these three-sided tiles? Try our curated Foxwell Blend Triangle Sample Pack! Inspired by the ever popular triangle backsplash created for the Foxwell Studio, this color palette creates a truly unique color arrangement.

About This Sample Pack

Sold by the pack:

  • (1) Small Triangle - 130 White
  • (1) Large Triangle -  65W Amber
  • 2" x 2" color chips to show recommended colors in: 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 205 Cider, 61 Navy, 155 Steel
  • Thickness: 1/4”
  • Shipping: Shipping costs are included
  •  Lead Times: For our curated sample packs: allow 5 Business days to fulfill

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