Sample Pack - Geo-Hex Pattern - Rustic

Rustic Geo-Hex Sample Pack
Rustic Geo-Hex Sample Pack
Rustic Geo-Hex Sample Pack
Rustic Geo-Hex Sample Pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
Sample pack
$45 per pack

Canā€™t decide between our Hexagons and DiamondĀ Tiles? Why not both!? Check out our curated Geo-Hex Pattern Sample Pack! This unique combination creates a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. Large Hexagons make up 80% of this pattern with Medium Diamonds arranged in cubes round out the remaining 20%. This pattern is sure to make a statement if itā€™s in your favorite color or your ideal blend of colors.

About This Sample Pack

Sold by the pack:

  • (1)Ā Large Hexagon in 913 Old Copper
  • (3) Medium Diamonds in a CubeĀ in 913 Old Copper
  • 2" x 2" color chips to show recommended Diamond Tile - colors in:
  • Ā 22E Blue Opal, 61 Navy, 65W Amber, 1016 Costa Rica, 130 White, andĀ 1013 Denim

  • Thickness:Ā 1/4ā€
  • Shipping:Ā Shipping costsĀ are included
  • Lead Times:Ā For our curated sample packs: allow 5 Business days to fulfill

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