Urban Jungle Tile: Studio Grey's Vertical Gardens

Urban Jungle Tile: Studio Grey's Vertical Gardens

Studio Grey has been a friend for years now, in fact, they helped design the beautiful entryway of our Minneapolis factory. Specializing in interior design, architecture, and branding - Studio Grey has a collaborative and hands-on approach resulting in a space that communicates the vision of the people inside it. We were beyond ecstatic when they wanted to use our tile in three spaces throughout their new studio, and boy, the finished designs did not disappoint. Deeps greens covered in leafy plants and concrete accents transformed their space into an urban jungle getaway in the middle of the city. 

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Studio Grey's entry and the sample wall in our factory, designed by them! 

Space No. 1 - Vertical Subway Backsplash

Sometimes all you need to make a statement is flip a classic on its side, and in this project, we mean that very literally. By simply stacking subway tile vertically it gets a whole new vibe - sophisticated, sleek, and bold. To make this project even more of a looker, Studio Grey opted for a unique and subtle ombre going from black, green, to a vintage brown-grey. Never missing out on the details, they added a gorgeous floating shelf across the entire backsplash with accent lighting that adds a stunning highlight on the tile. 

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2"x6" Subway Tile - 613 Black, 958 Rainforest, 1025 Heirloom Silver, 75 Emerald

Space No. 2 - Hexagon Vertical Garden 

It's all about the grand entrance, right? This deep green glaze color is aptly named Rainforest and it instantly sets the tone for the rest of the office space. We added custom planters to create a hexagon vertical garden; these planters are perfect for air plants or fresh buds to match the season. We lay the planters out with the tile on mesh sheeting so install is easy and they're perfectly aligned and in place. The rich natural texture and tones of the decor styling the space make this an unforgettable entry. Every detail is perfect, from the matte black light switch, granite coffee table, to the concrete planter.  

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Large Hexagons & Custom Planters - 958 Rainforest.

Space No. 3 - Monochromatic Diamond Statement Wall

There are so many things to adore about this statement wall, it's hard to know where to start. Their monochromatic glaze choices have an eye-catching variation to match the natural greenery of the outdoors. They opted for our favorite modern finishing concept of organic edging. At the end of a thin hallway, the natural edging rising vertically helps make the space look larger and gives a small space a big impact. Finally, all of the elements pair perfectly together: the army green paint, the natural wood, brick, and concrete of the original building. Everything about this space is perfectly thought out and designed, yet another design victory from Studio Grey. 

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Medium Diamonds with Custom Planters - 901W Evening Shadow, 956 Smoke N Mirrors, 920 Midnight Sky, 1025 Heirloom Silver, 912W Cloudy Sky, 155 Steel


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Did Studio Grey's vertical gardens inspire you with our urban jungle tiles? Hopefully, our floor to wall tile transition ideas gave you some inspiration for your future home décor projects. Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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