Tile Trend Alert: 6 Ways to Use Triangles

Tile Trend Alert: 6 Ways to Use Triangles

The ballots are in...Triangles are officially taking over in the tile world! We love the sleek yet trendy geometry that this shape has to offer. Whether you're on the market for an entire statement wall or a small nook, our Triangle Collection offers both small and large formats so anything is possible. Continue reading to see 6 ways clients have used these trendy tiles to show off their spaces!

1. Cozy Cabin Triangles

This warm palette of trendy triangles originally came from our long time friends, Heather and Brad Fox of Fox Homes, hence the name "Foxwell Blend". Now we're seeing this dynamic mix of colors pop up in client requests everywhere! We love the versatility that this signature blend offers. What started as a Mid-Century Modern backsplash at Foxwell Shoppe soon influenced this warm stove splash with a cozy cabin vibe. So what's next for this iconic blend? We'd love to see a trendy wood to tile transition floor or a homey statement fireplace!

For more on this blend, visit our blog "New Triangle Collection"

Large Triangle Foxwell Blend BacksplashShop the look - Foxwell BlendLarge Triangles - Foxwell Blend
Design & Build by Lensis Builders
Photography by Greg Hadley

2. Glossy Emerald Triangle Floor

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off this gorgeous floor! This combo is a must for homeowners wanting to step outside your everyday tile shapes. We are firm believers that Emerald interiors will never go out of style because they are just too gorgeous to look at. The sleek lines of the triangle tile make for a timeless look while still offering a touch of unique flare that your guests are sure to compliment. Plus, this glaze/shape duo is puppy approved so you know it's good. 😉

For more glossy green glaze inspiration, visit our blog "Our Most Popular Green Glazes"

Large Triangles - 75 EmeraldShop The Look 75 EmeraldLarge and Small Triangles - 75 Emerald
Design & Photography by Lily Spindle Design

3. Greyson Blend Backsplash

Another trendy glaze blend that we adore in a Large Triangle format is our signature Greyson Blend. This is the glaze and shape combination to add a welcoming vibe to your home, so much so that we named it after our friends at Construction2Style's new baby boy. The perfect mixture of cool and warm hues, this blend is made up of 6 curated glaze colors to achieve this trendy yet cozy look.

For more on how to add a pop of warmth, visit our blog "5 Ways to Implement the Perfect Pop of Warmth with Tile"

Large Triangle Greyson Blend BacksplashLarge Triangle Greyson Blend BacksplashLarge Triangles – Greyson Blend
Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Chelsie Lopez

4. The Beauty of Bluegrass

Next up on our tour of triangles is our Small Triangle Collection. As much as we adore the sleekness of our Large triangles, these small beauties are just as impactful. Small Triangles are perfect for smaller spaces or to make a statement like the kitchen below. This dynamic kitchen backsplash uses our slightly textured Bluegrass glaze. The deep jewel tones of this glaze paired with the geometric bliss of our Small Triangles is a winner in our book!

To see more color options, visit our Small Triangle Collection

Small Triangles - 1036W BluegrassSmall Triangles - 1036W BluegrassSmall Triangles - 1036W Bluegrass

5. All in for Amber!

One of our favorite ways to make a warm tile statement is with our 65W Amber and these Small Triangles are the perfect pairing! We love how this tile shape shows off all the variation of this rich, reddish-brown jewel tone glaze. We can picture this glaze and shape combination as a bar backsplash or kitchenette accent with natural wood shelving and champagne fixtures!

For more ways to use this glaze, visit our blog "Warm Tile for Bathrooms, Floors and Kitchens"

Small Triangles - 65W AmberSmall Triangles - 65W AmberSmall Triangles – 65W Amber

6. Dynamic Denim Small Triangles

Last but certainly not least on our tour of triangles is our Small Triangles in Denim Blend. Sometimes more is more and that's definitely the case with these shape and glaze combo! Small Triangles are the perfect way to show off this three glaze mixture of 1013 Denim, 33 Vivid Blue, 21W Cobalt. The past few years as many people settled into their homes, we saw clients shy away from minimalist designs and embrace bold blends as a way to bring personality and comfort into their spaces!

For more blends, visit our blog "7 Favorite Color Blends"

Small Triangles - Denim BlendSmall Triangles - Denim BlendSmall Triangles - Denim Blend

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