Off the Wall: Tile is On the Table Top with Room & Board

Off the Wall: Tile is On the Table Top with Room & Board

The geometric patterns and rich colors of our handmade tile is often reserved for showpiece accent walls or vibrant bathroom retreats. Yet, a little can go a long way by adding a splash of color and a bit of boldness to a living room, covered patio, or your swanky home office. That’s exactly what our Doro collaboration with Room & Board is made for. 

Why did they partner with us (and vice-versa) to produce the Doro? Well, we both believe that high design has a home in the hard-workin’ Midwest. As Minnesota neighbors with similar shared aims and values, a collaboration was inevitable. Yet that still begs the question:

How did we get our tile to work on such a limited surface area?

Moroccan Fish Scale Wave Pattern

It’s all about the tile patterns when it comes to the Doro collection. Some may look to the sea and recall their time skimming the Moby Dick Spark Notes in college; we look at it and see nothing but inspiration for patterns. Moroccan Fish Scale (a.k.a. mermaid) tile is usually laid out in rows, with every tile oriented in the same direction — hence the “fish scale” appearance from which they take their name. We used a different orientation for the Doro side tables, which we like to call our signature “The Wave,” as it too is a pattern that calls the sea to mind. But instead of our beloved blues and sea greens, we wanted to throw a warmer glaze into the mix and we couldn't believe the results!

Doro End Table in Rust
Doro End Table Moroccan Fish Scale Rust
Photography and Interior Styling by Bari J.

Diamond Cube Pattern

An end table is meant to offer a flat surface for cups, books, and TV remotes. But calling our tile flat would be an insult and this pattern shows you why. Diamonds are the renegades of the four-cornered shapes. Sure, a square at a 45-degree angle could be considered a diamond, however the narrower diamond tile shape here creates the illusion of a cube pattern, stealing the thunder from the square’s three-dimensional cousin.

Doro End Table Diamond IndigoDoro End Table Diamond Indigo

So where should your Doro go?

It’s finally time for tile to come out of the kitchen and bathroom. The Doro is a sidekick for your comfiest living room chair, your bedside, or the flexible home office space that you also use as the place you’ve started to dream up a new future adventure. We think you should have the ultimate drink table, or a polished end table to compliment your personal growth.

1. Studio BV

Studio BV paired the Doro with some dashing flora from Mother Co Plants and a handsome best friend. This Doro End Table Diamond in Black shows off a variety of finishes and makes for a chic and sleek living room side table.

 Doro End Table Diamonds BlackDoro End Table Diamond Black
Photography and Interior Design by Studio BV

2. Brownstone Boys

The Brownstone Boys styled this Brooklyn renovation with the 12” Diamond Emerald tile table top. In a home with showstopping original features, this end table helps thread the needle between modern and traditional. The artisan craftsmanship of the tile is framed in a steel base also made in our home state, and its design brings our traditionally-made tile into a modern, contemporary look.

Doro End Table Diamond EmeraldDoro End Table Diamond Emerald
Photography and Interior Styling by The Brownstone Boys 

3. Bari J

We love seeing our Doro Table finding its home in this gorgeous seating area by our friend and talented designer, Bari J. Her unique lifestyle brand explodes with pattern and color in just about every way you can imagine including floral-filled fabric, stationery, wall paper, and home decor. This Doro End Table in Rust fits perfectly with her vibrant style and makes for a heavenly entry way set up.

Doro End Table Moroccan Fish Scale RustDoro End Table Moroccan Fish Scale Rust
Photography and Interior Styling by Bari J.

Already have a Doro tile tabletop of your own? Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #doroendtable and tag @mercurymosaics + @roomandboard so we can see what you’ve done with your place.

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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