Terracotta Tile in a Variety of Styles

Terracotta Tile in a Variety of Styles

Terracotta has a rich history spanning back to various ancient civilizations, such as Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian. It’s full of history and still so loved today by many around the world, making it a true fan favorite. The warm and earthy burnt orange color of terracotta tile is filled with life and personality, perfect for livening up any space. Continue reading to see 6 terracotta colored tile projects that we adore!

1. Glamorous Terracotta Floor

Color makes such a big impact in design, so it’s important to make sure you choose one that you absolutely love. Terracotta is a rich and welcoming color, and this ensuite bathroom uses it beautifully! The high variation floor tiles add a gorgeous gloss and depth to the space while complimenting all the other elements. From the natural wood to the pop of cool tones, this ensuite bathroom is truly a showstopper!

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Terracotta Floor Tiles

Large Hexagons - 96 Chestnut
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer
Photography - Rubinski Visual
Installation - Quality Cut Design | Remodel

2. Warm Toned Whiskey Bar

Want to elevate the look of your entertaining area? Look no further than warm toned tile! Terracotta tile not only comes in a beautiful burnt orange, but can have brown and paler tones such as peach. This whiskey bar uses a mix of different warm glaze colors and small tile pieces to elevate the design and add variation. This is a great example of how colors and tile shapes can make a smaller space look grand!

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Warm Tile Toned Whiskey Bar
Small Squares & Bricks - 65W Amber, 1673 Espresso, Custom Colors
Interior Design - Kinetic Design Build
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Production

3. Earthy Kitchen

Next on our terracotta tile journey is a more traditional look. Subway tile is a great choice for those who want a classic look to their space. This tile shape is so versatile, making it easy to add unique modern twists. Although this kitchen backsplash is still classy, the stacked placement of the tile brings in a modern feel which pairs well with the floating shelves. The terracotta color adds an earthy feel which is brought out by the vase of flowers. Warm toned tiles are ideal for adding plants and greenery!

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Earthy Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

2”x6” Subway Tile - 96 Chestnut
Interior Design - Lucy Interiors
Architecture - SALA Architects 
Photography - Spacecrafting Photography

4. Retro Stove Splash

Stove splashes add a fabulous backdrop and focal point to your kitchen, so why not make it fun? This stove splash is geometrically gorgeous and has a retro feel that we are totally into. Terracotta is the type of color that goes well with others which makes it a great addition to color blends! The mix of warm and cool in this Foxwell blend makes a bold statement and looks so flattering alongside the warm wood cabinets.

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Retro Tiled Stove Splash

Interior Design & Build - Lensis Builders
Photography - Greg Hadley
Large Triangles - Foxwell Blend

5. Terracotta Tiled Ombre

Terracotta tiles were on our list of tile trends for 2022 and we made sure to include it in the showroom of our new Design Studio. These glazes are timeless and classy, which is why they’re so loved in the design world and seen all over. This terracotta kitchenette ombre showcases the beautiful glossiness of our warmer toned colors and gives the showroom a cozy feel. If you live in the Twin Cities, come visit our showroom to see this beauty in person!

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Terracotta Tiled Ombre
Custom Geo-Hex Pattern - 54 Dusty Rose, 205 Cider, 906W Burnt Sugar, 65W Amber

6. Cozy Cottage Mudroom

Make your entryway a statement piece with terracotta floor tiles! Not only are these terracotta hexagon tiles stylish and sleek, they also make clean-up a breeze. Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to maintain which is why it’s our #1 pick for flooring. You can dress your entryway up or keep things minimal like this mudroom. The minimalist and cozy look of this space makes the terracotta tiles have a spotlight of their own while being able to add pops of color like the throw blanket and plant. 

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 Cozy Tiled Mudroom

Large Hexagons -1673 Espresso
Interior Design - Kinetic Design Build
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Production

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