Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home Tour

Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home Tour

If home renovations were up for the Grammys, Chateau Margaux would definitely be a top nominee. This jaw-dropping home is filled with warmth, texture, pattern, and of course, handmade tile. Continue reading to learn how designer, Emily Pueringer, transformed this space with dynamic designs and handmade tile. 

Behind the Design

We're not the only ones who are in love with handmade tile. Interior Designer, Emily Pueringer, definitely has a sweet spot for our tile; so much so that she used to work for Mercury Mosaics as a tile design consultant. This boss babe ventured out during the thick of Covid to start her own business and Project Chateau Margaux is her solo debut. We were lucky enough to ask Emily a few questions to get in the head of the mastermind behind this gorgeous home. 

Q. What makes this project special to you?
 A. The client of Project Chateau Margaux, Margaux Christianson (my cousin, best friend, partner in crime) really pushed me to take the leap and I couldn't be more grateful for her authentic support and encouragement. She also trusted me fully to go as wild as my little heart desired. I always feel a deep seeded urge to scratch this itch of mixing and matching in a way that feels 100% natural to me but watching my clients eyes grow large when I show them my ideas is pretty great!  When I walked into this space after the floor was installed my heart seriously filled with so pure JOY as I knew we had something special here. The depth and warmth of this tile has so many layers that even someone whom isn't a "tile lover" can appreciate.

Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home TourLarge Hexagons - 96 Chestnut

1. En-suite Bathroom

First up on our home tour of Chateau Margaux is the en-suite bathroom. We're not embarrassed to admit that our jaws literally dropped when we saw this space. Everything from the natural wood, brushed gold fixtures, rich hexagon floor and pop of patterned wallpaper is just too good. This delicious glaze color, 906R Burnt Sugar, is a sure showstopper in this design. Emily says that seeing the clay properties peek out at you, the variation in the hand painted glaze, and the unique characteristics of the handmade tile brings a human warmth to the space. We are itching to see more warm tile colors in 2022 so we wanted to see if the designer agreed.

Q. Do you see more warm tones happening in the 2022?
A. Yes! When designing a project lately, I am always thinking about how I can bring a warm, earthy vibe to it. I think earthiness is a factor in the trend we're seeing with warm tones currently. Whether it's through color alone, through natural materials or through something made by hand. All these layers are factors of the warmth brought into a project for me. In regards to color alone: specifically earthy terra-cotta or clay tones speak to me and will remain timeless. It also has a global vibe as this material is used for so many things worldwide. I think possibly this bathroom sparks joy because it reminds people of a place they perhaps traveled to once.. it doesn't feel like a bathroom you'd see in someone's home..certainly not in Minnesota. ;)
Ensuite Bathroom Hexagon Tile

2. Boys Bathroom

Next up on the home tour of handmade tile is the kid's bathroom. We love how this bathroom has a totally different vibe yet flows so flawlessly with the rest of the home. The intentionality and thoughtfulness that went into this Subway tile haven amazes us. We adore how the chic stacked subway tile allows the variation in our 130 White glaze to shine. The floor of staggered 1013 Denim squares traveling up the side of the bathtub adds a beautiful element of elegance. Plus, the matching niche is the cherry on top! We're all for getting creative with tile and Emily is one of our favorite designers who isn't afraid to try something new. Here's her advice for someone looking for tile.

Q. What advice do you have for someone choosing tile?
A. To educate yourself on the big wide world of tile first. Have fun exploring handmade lines, original shapes, your favorite colors, textures, pattern possibilities etc... It's kinda funny to look back at what Margaux was originally dreaming up for her bath and where we landed. I had to introduce her to the glorious world of handmade tiles! She had no idea she could love tile this much or that such beauty existed in tile. Now she even sends me tile inspiration once in awhile--I got her SO hooked-hehe!!

3. Sunroom Floor

Last but not least on our house tour is the sunroom floor. The earthy and natural ambiance of the home is carried straight from the living area into the sunroom. For this floor, Emily chose a larger 6”x6” staggered square in 920 Midnight Sky. This glaze color is a match made in heaven for this space. With subtle variation and a matte finish, 920 Midnight Sky adds a craftsman feel and rustic charm which is the perfect choice for any sunroom. Each of these three spaces have so much unique character yet fit immaculately into the same puzzle so we wanted to know what makes them flow so beautifully together.

Q. Do you have any tips for creating unique looks/styles for each room while also keeping the home cohesive?
I definitely carry a lot of the same materials throughout a home and use at least a touch of the same colors throughout to ensure its cohesive. I am definitely eclectic but always pay close attention to how spaces flow into one another.  Also, it's important to envision the view looking from one room to another--do they fight or do they complement each other? They should relate to each other in some way even with added surprise elements of color or pattern!  Trust your designer to show you unique yet well rounded concepts. There is often a multi-layered approach as to why they have selected something for you.
Sunroom Floor Square Tile
Interior Designer - Emily Pueringer
Photography - Rubinksi Works

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