Halloween Inspired Spellbinding Tile Designs

Halloween Inspired Spellbinding Tile Designs

Trick or treat? These tile designs will give you both! Our trick is pulling together unique pattern layouts that will give you hauntingly good vibes for years to come. Our treat is the magic our tile artists put into each handmade tile. Here are 5 mesmerizing Halloween inspired tile design projects that are sure to put you in a spell...

1. Ghostly White

Our 130 White glaze has enough personality to win its own costume contest! But really, this high variation glaze on our Herringbone 2x6’s has a texturing effect which adds movement to any space, even with only one glaze color.

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2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 130 White.2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 130 White.
Photography - Mayne Marketing

2. Autumn Warmth

Looking for something with a little warmer for these cool fall nights? Look no further than our Saddle Clove 2x6 Herringbone tile. The high variation and texture of the glaze gives us all of the warm and fuzzies, while creating a naturally appealing look. Plus, this burnt orange glaze is ideal for a welcoming environment with casual elegance. From terra-cotta floors to caramel farmhouse backsplashes, 112 Saddle Clove is timeless and trendy.

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2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 112 Saddle Clove.2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 112 Saddle Clove.

3. Black & White

We’ll put a hex on your kitchen – as in Hexagon tiles, of course! Make a bold statement with the color contrast of black and white tile, arranged here in an abstracted floral pattern. This look is perfect for achieving a modern victorian floor for your historic remodel.

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Hexagon Flower Tile FloorSmall Hexagons in Flower Pattern9 Historic White, 11 Deco White, 366 Satin Black.

4. Nordic Halloween

This Scandinavian-inspired triangle design strikes a perfect balance between the cool tones of the grey and black, while bringing in a cozy orange accent suitable for any season. These mosaic tile sheets make install a breeze and are a fresh take on the Edwardian Floor style, mixing a classic design with a contemporary feel.

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3"x3" Triangles - 815W Light Grey, 301 Marshmallow, 5 Tiger Tail. 4"x4" Triangles - 155 Steel, 301 Marshmallow, 366 Satin Black.

3"x3" Triangles - 815W Light Grey301 Marshmallow, 5 Tiger Tail. 4"x4" Triangles - 155 Steel301 Marshmallow366 Satin Black.

5. Dark as Night

Scared of color? Stick with a single matte glaze throughout a layout of stunning Diamonds. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring with our 366 Satin Black. This glaze is one of our favorite go-to's when someone wants to make a statement without being too colorful. We are digging this moody tile design!

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Medium Diamonds - 366 Satin BlackMedium Diamonds - 366 Satin Black

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