6 Trendy Ways to Use Square Ceramic Tile

6 Trendy Ways to Use Square Ceramic Tile

The time has finally come when it's hip to be square and we are so here for it! From boho chic to rustic bungalow, our ceramic square tiles can fit into just about any design. To show off these architectural beauties, we've put together a list of 6 trendy ways to incorporate one of our new favorite ceramic tile shapes in your space!

1. Staggered

First up on our list of ways to use trendy square tile is the classic staggered layout. We've seen this design used more and more this year so it's time to give it some much deserved recognition! Using this simple and subtle shape in a staggered layout adds geometric interest by doubling the vertical grout lines. We love this look using one of our high variation glaze colors to show off it's unique personality from tile to tile.

For more on this project, visit our blog "Craftsman Subway Tile in the NE Arts District"

Blue Opal Square Tiled Shower4”x4” Subway Tile - 22E Blue Opal
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer Design

2. Stacked

It doesn't get much juicier than our 4"x4" Subway Tile in 309E Grapefruit! This Dripping Root project is near and dear to our hearts because it's making history as the only black owned juice bar in Minnesota and we are so here for it! This space radiates from wall to wall with personality and embodies community in all aspects. Plus, we are so excited to be apart of a space with so many of our local favorites!

For more stacked projects, visit our blog "5 Trendy Stacked Tile Projects we Love"

4"x4" Squares - 309E Grapefruit4"x4" Subway Tile - 309E Grapefruit.
Photography - The Dripping Root

3. Small Craftsman Squares

Another trend that we've seen recently sky rocket and one of our favorite ways to utilize square tile is with our Small Craftsman Squares. We've fine-tuned the mathematics behind these architectural beauties by combining 1”x1”s, 1”x2”s and 2”x2”s and mounting them on mesh to ensure easy installation. Our Craftsman ceramic tiles are the perfect example of a stylish and organic take on a classic design. We can't say for certain but we think we've done American architect Frank Lloyd Wright proud with this collection!

To see more visit our page "Small Craftsman Squares"

Small Craftsman Squares - 123R PatinaSmall Craftsman Squares - 123R Patina.

4. Large Craftsman Squares

The older sibling to our Small Craftsman Squares? You guessed it! Our Large Craftsman Squares Collection is the perfect way to use square tile in your bungalow style home as an entry way floor or fireplace surround. These landscape-inspired 112 Saddle Clove beauties are a personal favorite because they have so much rustic character and variation. Whether you are into them in a small or large format, Craftsman Squares will add a warmth to your home that's unmatched.

To see more visit our page "Large Craftsman Squares"

Large Craftsman Squares - 12 Saddle CloveLarge Craftsman Squares - 112 Saddle Clove

5. London Pattern

One of our newest obsessions is creating the perfect pattern with tile. We've developed this signature London Pattern with a mixture of square and triangle tile to give clients a beautiful Art-Deco inspired option that's filled with variation and character. Customize it with light and airy hues or take the Jason DeRusha route and go bold and boho. Luxury tile has never been easier than with our easy-to-install quilt pattern sheets!

For more on this project visit our blog, "Bohemian Bathroom Remodel with Handmade Tile"

Bohemian Bathroom Remodel with Handmade TileLondon Pattern - 366 Satin Black1036W Bluegrass958 Rainforest28 Everglades901E Evening Shadow.

6. Customize it!

Can you imagine a more simple yet chic statement wall? These custom 6"x6" square ceramic planters in our 130 White glaze are giving us life! Now is the perfect time to liven up your home by adding some spring greenery. Plus, this dynamic look brings out the true beauty of our handmade tile, showing off the difference in texture, brushstroke, and glaze. 

For more ceramic planter eye-candy, visit our blog "Ceramic wall Planters to Add to your Tile"

Square Subway Tile with Custom Planters6"x6" Subway Tile with Custom Tile Planters - 130 White.
Photography - Weinstein Properties

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