Reclaim Your Throne: Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Reclaim Your Throne: Bathroom Renovation Checklist

The bathroom is arguably the most important room of the house: a sanitary sanctuary, a private hideaway, a room with a lock where you can get five minutes alone before people start wondering if you’re okay.

So why would you settle for a bathroom that isn't a complete joy to linger in? Well, you probably already agree with that, which is what brought you here. You might also realize that the most important phase of any renovation is the planning. A thorough plan can save you from costly mistakes and disappointing results. So what do you need to consider before you start tearing out fixtures and smashing whatever vintage tile your home came with?

1. Get Your Design Ready

Gathering inspiration for your bathroom is the first step. Browse the internet, flip through magazines, wander the aisles of your favorite store, take a walk in nature…whatever is it, get inspired! Save photos of bathroom renovation ideas you found on Pinterest. Pick specific materials, fixtures, and tile colors you vibe with  and put them all together on a mood board to see your vision come to life. One thing we've learned is that you can avoid some major bathroom design mistakes right off the bat by visualizing the project before ordering your materials. 

Bathroom Renovation Checklist Mood boardLeft: Small Hexagons - 1013 Denim, Dutton Brown Color Prisma ChandelierHygge & West AngelinaLulu and Georgia Hester Jute RugRoom & Board Loft Mirror
Right: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 214 Coastal Breeze, Agen Rattan ChairCB2 Brass Pendant LightHygge & West ArcadeLulu and Georgia Alameda Rug

2. Order Samples

The next step would be ordering samples to make sure the actual items match your expectations - how something looks in a photo is never exactly the same as it does in your space. This will help to make decisions about the layout and features of your bathroom. Will you go with a bathtub or stand-up shower renovation? Does your vanity have space for two sinks or will one be enough? And if you want to make any major changes to the electric and plumbing, get an estimate from a contractor first so you know what’s left in the budget for finishes and fixtures.

 Bathroom Renovation Checklist Samples

3. Lighting is Crucial

Most bathrooms don’t come with expansive windows to let in tons of natural light, and even when they do, the placement of light fixtures is critical. We recommend making a good ol' pros and cons list. For example, ceiling lights provide good coverage, but direct overhead lighting can create harsh shadows. Vanity lights or wall sconces around your mirrors can be an essential design element but might not provide the amount of brightness you're looking for. Plus, different lighting will affect the way your tile looks in your space so ordering samples is not a step to skip!

Bathroom Renovation Checklist LightingLeft: Photography by Emily John Photography Interior Design by Construction2Style.
Right: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 47 Vermont Pine, 75 Emerald101 Lagoon1017E Sea Mist1065 Mint Julep, Custom Color.
Photography and Interior Design by Bari J.

4. Choosing Color

The bathroom is a relatively small and contained space, the perfect spot to try out more adventurous colors and patterns. As with the lighting, the color choices set the tone for the entire space. A lush green gives a regal feel, deep blue evokes the sea, and a high-variation white is clean but with texture and nuance. Think about where you can add tile accents, or creative paint or wallpaper patterns to add an extra dimension. See our bathroom tile ideas as a starting point!

Bathroom Renovation Checklist Choosing ColorLeft: Custom Tile Lettering - 130 White. Large Hexagons - 130 White, 77E Grey, 1017E Sea Mist and a Custom Color. Photography - Jackson Rathbone.
Right: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - Denim Blend Interior Design by Elizabeth Bolognino Photography by Adam Kane Macchia

5. Don't Forget Storage

Create more storage space than you thing you'll need. A medicine cabinet or space to store toiletries is a given. But have you figured out where you’ll put extra towels, cleaning supplies, or toilet paper? Here are some options for adding storage:

  • Pick a vanity with drawers or cabinets
  • Hang shelves behind the toilet
  • Create a shower niche in a walk-in shower to store soaps and shampoos
  • Consider a tub to shower remodel to free up space for a linen closet

To learn how to measure your bathroom for tile, visit our blog "How to Calculate Tile for Your Bathroom"

Bathroom Renovation Checklist Niches and StorageLeft: Geo-Hex Pattern - 60 Silver Lining77E Grey130 White11 Deco White301 Marshmallow. Interior Design and Photography - Shed Tiny House
Right: 3″x8″ Subway Tile and Bullnose – 12W Blue Bell.

6. Waterproof Wall-to-Wall

A big question when it comes to bathroom renovation cost and planning is how much tile to use. For sure, the floors around the tub, shower, sink, and toilet need to keep moisture from seeping into the floor. For added protection and extra sensational style, consider taking that tile up the wall either part way or floor-to-ceiling.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist Wall-to-WallLeft: Hexagon Flower Pattern -  45R My Blue Heaven, 130 White, 23 Sapphire BluePhotography and Interior Design by Pencil Shavings Studio.
Right: 3″x8″ Subway Tile – 12W Blue Bell Photography by Marissa Cramer

7. Now Get Planning!

This checklist gives the basic first steps of a bathroom remodel, but you really want to have a definitive and detailed plan for your renovation. Even if you’re working with a designer or architect, you''ll need to convey your taste and needs to them, or else you’ll end up with their dream bathroom. So start dreaming about yours! Head over to our Instagram or Bathroom Gallery for more inspiration!

Bathroom Renovation Checklist GalleryOrder tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling.  

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