New Signature Pattern: Mid Mod Squares

New Signature Pattern: Mid Mod Squares

Introducing our newest signature pattern: Mid Mod Squares! This new design is an instant classic: offbeat but refined, vintage yet totally fresh. Subway tiles, semicircles, and artfully selected glaze blends come together to create this totally unique pattern. Continue reading to learn more about this new kind of Mid-Century Modern tile design.

Behind the Tile

Launching a new signature pattern is no easy feat. Our talented designers and skilled tile artisans work endlessly to ensure a smooth production process so we can bring you the best of the best. Like our other patterns, our Mid Mod Squares are handmade from start to finish, bringing a personalized touch to your space. We like to think that our ceramic tiles are hand-crafted to tell a story through their vibrant color, quality, and depth. That story is then carried over into our client’s homes, storefronts and workplaces by creating unforgettable, picturesque backdrops to their lives. So if you have a sweet spot for Mid Century Modern style like us, continue reading to see how our new Mid Mod Squares can be utilized in your home design.

To learn more about our handmade process, visit our About Us page.

Mid Mod Squares ProductionProduction of Mid Mod Squares.

Fair Hill Blend

Our Mid Mod Squares are a new kind of Mid Century Modern design. By combining 4"x4"s, 2"x4"s, and half circles, they create an organically geometric look that flawlessly emulates the Mid Century Modern style. The idea behind this pattern was born when Emily Pueringer designed the radiant Fair Hills KitchenThis kitchen design and backsplash combination was an immediate winner, so much so that we named this retro blend the "Fair Hill Blend". We adore the pops of mustard yellows, burnt oranges and turquoise blues that Emily chose to relive the perfect Mid Century Modern moment.

To see more of this radiant retro backsplash, visit our Kitchen Gallery.

Mid Mod Squares Fair Hill BlendMid Mod Squares - 301 Marshmallow, 32 Canton Jade, Custom Colors.
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer.
Photography - Rubinski Visual.
Contractor - Quality Cut Design | Remodel.

South Beach Blend

One thing we love about this signature pattern is the versatility it has to take on a life of its own through different color blends. The South Beach blend gives off a modern vibe while still paying homage to the classic Mid Century Modern style. A fan favorite amongst our tile designers, this captivating blend of beachy blues, ocean greens and pops of warm tones will transport you to a tropical paradise. Create a relaxing and stylish look with the South Beach blend. 

For more beachy tile vibes, visit our blog "Beach Inspired Tile You're Shore to Adore"

Mid Mod Squares South Beach BlendMid Mod Squares - South Beach Blend.

Monochrome Mid Mod Squares

These monochromatic Mid Mod Squares are not only a total dream come true but they are also proof that this pattern can be used with a single glaze and still have a beautifully bold impact. This client chose a glaze color with high variation to show off the tile's true handmade allure and we are still swooning over the range of hues this backsplash shows. Ranging from trendy pinks to cooling blues, our color palette consists of 47 glazes all with their own unique characteristics. Want to see and feel the variation in your favorite glaze? We'd love to send you some samples!

For more monochromatic tile, visit our blog "6 Monochromatic Ideas for Your Home"

Monochrome Blue Mid Mod SquaresMid Mod Squares - 12R Blue Bell.

More to Adore

Whether you're looking for a calming backdrop or a moody statement, Mid Mod Squares are the perfect design for any Mid Century Modern lover. For instance, the moody Manhattan blend is inspired by the lively and industrious New York City. With a mix of satin, glossy, and metallic finishes, this blend will add a layer of texture and depth to your space. Alternatively, the Eichler blend is the ultimate retro color palette. This groovy blend is all about sleek lines, bold colors, and fresh style.

For more Mid Mod blend inspiration, visit our Mid Mod Squares home page.

Mid Mod Squares Tile BlendsTop Left: Mid Mod Squares - Manhattan Blend.
Top Right: Mid Mod Squares - 22E Blue Opal, 75 Emerald, 1016 Costa Rica, 266 Satin Black, Custom Color.
Bottom: Mid Mod Squares - 130 White, 155 Steel, 913 Old Copper, Custom Color.
Interior Design and Photography - Studio KG.

Customize Your Blend

Elevate your space with this Mid-Century Modern inspired collection. A fresh take on a retro design, these Mid Mod Squares are the perfect mix of both vintage and modern. Try our tried-and-true house blends or create your own from our full color palette by contacting a tile concierge. Test your blend ideas here and get in touch when you’re ready to start designing. 

Mid Mod Squares Blend

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