Mercury Metamorphosis

Mercury Metamorphosis

Perhaps you may have noticed some changes coming from Mercury Mosaics this year.  First, we got a fresh logo and branding.  Our new logo embodies our handmade and colorful nature by the irregular circle shape and bright green color.  Then, we came out with a brand new catalog with and added over 3x the number of installation photos from our previous catalog thanks to the feedback we received from our customers.  And now, we have a brand new, gorgeous website.  Why all the changes?  We thought the visual below might help:

So, that’s why.  Because we’re growing.  And fast.  What do we owe it to?  Coffee, music and the fact that we’re all secret superheroes… just kidding, sort of. We owe it to our team of hardworking tile artisans who have a passion for creating works of art out of tile.  We owe it to our boss, Mercedes Austin, who keeps the studio alive with so many orders our production manager is swimming in them.  We owe it to our constantly evolving future outlook.  And last but not least, we owe it to our clients and fans.  Without you, none of this could or would be happening.  So, a BIG thank you to all of you.  But wait!  We can’t forget to thank Spindle Creative for our fresh branding and beautiful new website.

Please enjoy our new website.  We hope you get lost in the beautiful photos and inspiration for your next tile project.

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