Make Tile Waves with Moroccan Fish Scales

Make Tile Waves with Moroccan Fish Scales

Our Moroccan Fish Scales are a tried and true tile shape that shows no sign of slowing in popularity anytime soon. The standard “points up” or “points down” orientations of the layout are most common; however, the Wave Pattern is a design choice that is on the rise. The natural waviness of the grout lines adds an element of intrigue to any space as well as the innumerable possibilities with color and layout. Look ahead to see some impactful Wave Pattern designs we want to see in your home! 

1. Get Floored

Using the Wave Pattern on a floor is the perfect way to show off this stunning design. It’s especially effective because no matter the direction you are facing, the pattern remains consistent. With a design like this, there's no wonder #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

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Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern - 21R Cobalt
Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern – 21R Cobalt
Photography by Allen Craig Interiors

2. Design Your Dream

Here we have an installation that showcases the true possibilities of the Wave Pattern. A design like this allows you to use all your favorite colors. By utilizing the natural shape of the design, we color blocked the layout and created a wavy medallion design that takes this shower to the next level. 

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Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave PatternLarge Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern - Custom Colors.
Photography by @byjessicarey 

3. Combine Designs

This Bluestone Lane coffee bar window utilizes all of the design possibilities our Moroccan Fish Scales have to offer. The teal, green, and blue Wave Pattern Fish Scales descend into the points down orientation using an ombre for overall effect. It's all in the details, we love working with our clients to ensure the tile flows smoothly from one wall to the next. Notice how effortlessly the tile travels from one surface to the next. We can’t get enough of this intricate design that really lets our favorite shape sing. 

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Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep, 1017E Sea Mist, 1017W Sea Mist, 1036W Bluegrass.Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep, 1017E Sea Mist, 101 Lagoon, 1036W Bluegrass.
Photography by @Bluestonelane

4. Go Metallic

This gun metal grey is a posh take on our Moroccan Fish Scales. The slight variation across the glaze, as well as how the light hits the reflective finish offer a distinctive and exciting design element. We also love how the softness of the pastels in the flowers strike a beautiful contrast to the industrial steel tiles. Where can you see this in your home?

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Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern - 155 SteelMedium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern - 155 Steel.

5. Get a Stove Splash!

Looking to have just a little piece of joy in your home? Look no further than our ready to ship stove splashes featured on our website. These pre-made Wave Pattern backsplashes are ready-to-ship, easy to install, and durable.  

For more ready to ship stove splashes, visit our online shop!

Stove Splash20"x26" Stove Splash - Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - Sea Glass

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