Introducing our Sister Brand:
Mosaic Candy Shop

Introducing our Sister Brand:
Mosaic Candy Shop

In the realm of creativity and sustainability, Mercury Mosaics is taking a bold step by repurposing leftover tiles from large projects and those that don't quite pass our quality control tests to craft mosaic kits for our new sister brand, Mosaic Candy Shop. This innovative approach combines artistry with environmental consciousness, and it's paving the way for a unique creative experience where you are the artist of your own wall-worthy mosaic art.

Mosaic Candy ShopPhotography by Belén Fleming

The Visionary Behind the Candy Shop

First and foremost, a round of applause for the mastermind behind the birth of Mosaic Candy Shop. Mercedes Austin has long been celebrated for her contribution to the world of mosaic art. Her journey as a mosaic artist has taken her from creating stunning mosaics in her studio apartment to founding a world renowned artisan handmade tile company to her newest endeavor: the creation of an entirely unique concept, Mosaic Candy Shop. Her vision and innovative spirit have expanded the possibilities of mosaic art so now you can be the artist because we believe that artistry and craftsmanship should be accessible to all.

Transforming Imperfections into Sustainable Art

At Mercury Mosaics, we recognize the potential of each tile, even those that might not meet the strict standards required for large projects or quality control tests. Rather than letting these tiles go to waste, we want to embrace their perfect imperfections and transform them into a valuable resource for your artistic expression. The mosaic kits offered by Mosaic Candy Shop are not just a means to repurpose leftover tiles; they are a fusion of sustainability and artistry. These kits feature tiles that, thanks to inventive minds, are reborn as beautiful mosaic art pieces for your creative enjoyment.

Mosaic Candy ShopPhotography by Belén Fleming

The New Day Kit

Mosaic Candy Shop offers an ever-evolving collection of mosaic kits, depending on the leftover or "seconds" tiles that we have in stock. Currently, two kits are available for order. The New Day Kit is reminiscent of the serenity of mornings with a cup of coffee and the sun rising over the mountains. It evokes a sense of calm and warmth, making it an ideal choice for those looking to capture the beauty of a new day in their mosaic art.

New Day Kit

 New Day Kit - Sahara, Nightfall, Golden

The Quilt Kit

With a nod to childhood wooden block sets and handcrafted patchwork quilts, the Quilt Kit is a tribute to nostalgia and the artistry of handmade creations. It carries the essence of tradition and the comfort of homemade crafts. As we work through our collection of overstock artisan tile, these kits will be replaced with new designs, so if one of these catches your artistic eye, grab it while it's still here! 

 Quilt Pattern
Quilt Kit - Miami, Heritage Mint

Guided by an Artisan's Expertise

Each mosaic kit comes complete with an in-depth video tutorial by Mercedes Austin, the creative genius behind Mercury Mosaics. Her guidance ensures that you can make the most of your mosaic project, regardless of your skill level. This personal touch makes the creative process even more enjoyable and rewarding.
 Mercedes Austin
Photography by Belén Fleming

A Perfect Gift for All Occasions

The mosaic kits from Mosaic Candy Shop are not just artistic endeavors; they are also thoughtful gifts. With their wide appeal and all-inclusive nature, these kits are perfect for holiday gifts. They offer a creative experience that the whole family can enjoy, making them an ideal option for bonding and quality time. Or if you're looking for a unique and enjoyable activity, consider these mosaic kits as your canvas and wine moment. Whether you're a seasoned artist or simply exploring your creative side, these kits offer an opportunity to unwind, express yourself, and create something beautiful for your home.

Mosaic Candy Shop's sustainable mosaic kits are a testament to the power of art to inspire change and celebrate creativity while minimizing waste. They are a beautiful blend of artistry and sustainability, where imperfections are the starting point for something beautiful. Embrace these kits and create mosaic art with an eco-friendly heart, where leftover tiles find new life as tokens of artistic expression.

Mosaic Candy Shop New Day Kit
New Day Kit - Nightfall

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