How to Find Your Dream Tile

How to Find Your Dream Tile

In honor of Valentine's Day this week we created a little quiz of sorts to help you find your dream tile. Once you're matched up with the perfect tile, go to the corresponding project below to learn more about it. We have beautiful final projects to show you along with products that are shoppable online. So you could find the dream tile love of your life and have it shipped to your door by the end of this blog.

1. Monochromatic Blue Small Moroccan Fish Scales

Try our top-selling Moroccan Fish Scales in their petite version for a tile installation that's both contemporary and fun. This range of monochromatic blues has a sweet and optimistic tone. Great for accents or smaller rooms, these tiles will create interest and visual space. See more pictures and learn more about this project with our blog "Shower Floor with Bright Spring Tile Colors"Monochromatic Blue Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Photo: Whitney Hawkins.




2. Blue Opal Herringbone Pattern

Perfect for a Modern Victorian room, our Blue Opal Herringbone Pattern tile is both fresh and sophisticated. We adore the way our friend added contrasting pink decor to her kitchen for a fun spin on an otherwise classic look. Learn more about this stunning kitchen backsplash with our blog "Herringbone Backsplash - One Room Challenge by Leslie Style"

Blue Opal Herringbone Kitchen BacksplashPhoto: Vicki Bartel

Blue Opal Subway Herringbone

2"x6" Herringbone Pattern - 22E Blue Opal.

3. Neutral Bubble Stove Splash

Add a splash of fun to your kitchen with a Bubble stove splash! Our Bubble tile is one of our most unique shapes, made up of fourteen sizes of circles with rings and offset piercings. Whether you have fun with bold tile color or opt to go more neutral, this accent piece will have visitors "oohing" and "awwing" over your backsplash. Get more ideas on how to use this tile shape with our blog "9 Ways to Use BubblesShop our take on this look in standard tile sheets below: 

Bubble Stove Splash

2"x4" Subway Tile & Chair Rails - 301 MarshmallowBubbles - 130 White, 11 Deco White + 77E Grey 60 Silver Lining.

Grey and White Bubble Tile

Bubbles Sheet - 130 White, 11 Deco White + 77E Grey.

4. White Moroccan Cross with High Variation

Our tile doesn't have to be a complex installation to be interesting, as this Moroccan Cross backsplash can attest. Our 130 White is one of our favorite glaze colors because of its high variation which creates an organic coloring throughout the entire piece. This is due to the glaze's opacity, which varies based on the brush stroke of each Tile Elve's unique application. Learn more about our handmade ceramic tile making process here

White Moroccan Crosses Kitchen Backsplash

 White Moroccan Cross Tile

Large Moroccan Cross - 130 White.

5. Retro & Bold Bubble Tile 

This kitchen was centered around our client's love for her bright aqua hood. From there we created custom colors to match her decor to a tee. This lively and energetic mixture of shape and color is truly unforgettable. Get more stove splash ideas with our blog "5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs" Shop our take on this look in standard tile sheets below: 

Retro Bubble Bold Stove Splash

Bubbles - Custom Colors.

Bold Bubble Tile

Bubbles Sheet - 29E Lake Superior, 1062 Light Kiwi, 23 Sapphire Blue + 33 Vivid Blue.

6. Sea Mist Moroccan Fish Scales

This is our all-time most popular tile shape and color combination, and for good reason! Our 1017E Sea Mist glaze offers a beautiful variation that's both stunning and radiant. Turn your space into a mermaid dream with this beloved shape whose popularity is here stay.   

Moroccan Fish Scale Shower

Large Sea Mist Moroccan Fish Scales

7. Patina Craftsman Squares

Do you love the detail of hand-crafted items? Are you inspired by prairie-style homes and Frank Llyod Wright? This is the tile for you. Three shapes mixed together for an intricate design, our shoppable sheets of glazed tiles are all inspired by the natural colors of the outdoors. 

Craftsman Square Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Patina Craftsman Squares

Small Craftsman Squares - 123R Patina.

8. Blue Hexagon Flower Pattern

While our Sapphire Blue is absolutely a bold color, using it as a contrasting pop in our Hexagon Flower Pattern gives it a subtle twist on a classic look. A retro design turned posh and polished, this intriguing pattern looks complex, but is offered on our online shop in sheets! Learn more about this bathroom project with our blog "Stunning Sapphire Blue Tile Design for a Small Bathroom"

Bright Blue Hexagon Flower Floor

Blue Hexagon Flower Pattern

Small Hexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45R My Blue Heaven, 23 Sapphire Blue.

9. Shades of Grey Diamonds 

The response of love from this custom kitchen backsplash was overwhelming. Our friends around the world wanted to see how they could do something equally impactful in their home. To make it easier on everyone, we created a standard color palette from this custom project called "Shades of Grey." These custom sheets come with three different variations, meaning, your backsplash will have a perfectly unique design with monochromatic coloring. Learn more about this epic kitchen backsplash with our blog "Construction2style Before & After: Kitchen Backsplash"

Construction2style Mercury Mosaics Tile Backsplash

2”x6” Subway Tile - 130 White. Medium Diamonds - 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 155 Steel, 912W Cloudy Sky, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black.

Photo: Chelsie Lopez Production.

Medium Diamonds - Shades of Grey

Medium Diamonds - Shades of Grey.


10. Bright Blue Subway Tile

Who doesn't want to wake up to this easy and breezy blue bathroom? Subway tile in a bold color can make a statement just as much as a complex custom project. This airy Blue Bell glaze color has us dreaming of care-free summer days with bright blue skies. Get the scoop behind this project with our blog "California Style Bathroom Before & After"

Bright Blue Shower Subway Tile

3"x8" Subway Tile - 12W Blue Bell.

11. Scandinavian Modern Diamond Tile

Nothing says Scandinavian Modern more than Diamond tile with bold and primary pops of color. This is yet another project where our clients wanted something similar, but simpler for their kitchens. We created a standard version of this tile that comes on easy to install mesh sheeting to get this look on a budget. Find more inspiring installations we've created at coffee shops with our blog "Coffee Shops with Swoon-Worthy Tile"Bachelor Farmer Scandinavian Modern Tile

Large Diamonds60 Silver Lining, 45R My Blue Heaven, 11 Deco White, 24 Dandelion (accent), 18 Bright Blue (accent), 366 Satin Black (small accent).

Medium Diamonds - 24 Dandelion, 45W My Blue Heaven, 60 Silver Lining + 11 Deco White

Medium Diamonds - 24 Dandelion, 45W My Blue Heaven, 60 Silver Lining + 11 Deco White.

Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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