How to Choose Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

How to Choose Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

When it comes to tile, we’re all for going with your gut. If you love blue, run with it! If your heart says hexagons, go for it! While choosing tile is a super personal experience, there are a few things to keep in mind while picking which one will work best in your space. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the perfect Moroccan Fish Scale for your project…

1. Size Up Your Space

First and foremost, we have three different sizes of Moroccan Fish Scales: small, medium, and large. We also offer two options for how you prefer them to be  delivered; You can either buy them as loose pieces, or purchase sheets of tile that are mesh-mounted. We recommend purchasing in sheets because it’ll save your installer the headache of laying out tile piece by piece.

While there are exceptions, the general rule of thumb is to choose tile size relative to your space. For instance, a really large area such as a floor or statement wall will be able to accommodate a large sized tile, whereas a small surface of two square feet or less would make more of an impact with smaller sized tile.

Large Moroccan Fish Scales 
Use for: Spaces over 20 ft.
Project ideas: Floors, shower walls, backsplashes

Top: @Construction2Style, Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 130 White.
Bottom Left: @Snowberryphoto, Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist.
Bottom Right: @Eichlerpalms, Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 244 Blue Green, 1065 Mint Julep, 32 Canton Jade, 1016 Costa Rica.

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales 
Use for: Spaces over 5 ft. & under 20 ft.
Project ideas: Small kitchens, fireplaces, accent walls, stove splashes

 Top: @michellecgage, Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 45W My Blue Heaven, 12W Blue Bell, 1064 Baby Blue, 11 Deco White.
Bottom Left: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave - 130 White, 417 Turtle Dove, 815W Light Grey, 220 Sooty Grey, 155 Steel, 61 Navy.
Bottom Right: @emilymeszkatdesign, Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1011 Royal Purple, 615 Purple Plum, 815R Ash.

Small Moroccan Fish Scales
Use for: Spaces under 5 ft.
Project ideas: Niches, shower floors, table tops or benches, accent pieces

Top: @Whitv, Small Moroccan Fish Scales - 1064 Baby Blue, 45W My Blue Heaven, 43 Robins Egg.
Bottom Left: Small Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue Bell, 12W Blue Bell, 130 White, 11 Deco White.
Bottom Right: @Allencraiginteriors, Small Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist, 214 Coastal Breeze.

2. Think About Grout

That’s right…grout lines play a large roll in choosing tile size. Picture a 50 square foot floor with Small Moroccan Fish Scales.  Seems a little overwhelming, right? It’s similar to looking at one of those optical illusion drawings. It’s so busy that it hurts our eyes to look at so many lines. 

That being said, if your heart is set on Small Moroccan Fish Scales for your floor, we will totally support you! One way to get around this issue is to choose a grout color that is similar to your tile color. This will make those busy grout lines disappear and make your space appear larger and more seamless.

For more on choosing the perfect grout, visit our blog "5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Tile Grout Color"

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue Bell, Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue Bell.

3. Choose Your Orientation

Moroccan Fish Scales are a great shape to visually expand a space when used thoughtfully. Traditionally, the scales are oriented with the tips up. Over time, people have gotten creative with different layouts. Other ways to orient the scales are tips down, sideways or in our Wave pattern.

Placing the tiles with the tips going in the same direction will make the space appear larger. However, when it comes to our wave pattern, proceed with caution when choosing a tile size. Although beautiful in many settings, the busier and smaller the pattern can make a room appear smaller. We recommend using our Large Moroccan Fish Scales or Medium Moroccan Fish Scales with our wave pattern. 


Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist

Photography: @JacobSnavely Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 39 London Fog.

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue Bell

Photography: @Allencraiginteriors, Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 21R Cobalt

5. Don't Forget About Color & Finish

If you are wanting to open up your space, go for a glossy finish and bright color. A glossy finish will reflect the light and make the room appear larger while a bright color will add an eye-catching element. While a dark color and matte finish will definitely make a statement, the tiles will absorb the light and make the space feel more cozy rather than open. 

For more on choosing tile color, visit our blog "How to Pick Your Tile Color Palette"

Top: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1015E Caribbean Blue, 11 Deco White, 1017E Sea Mist, 12W Blue Bell, 216 Sea Glass
Bottom Left: @bornimageryMedium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1015E Caribbean Blue
Bottom Right: @Eichlerpalms, Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Hopefully, our 5 tips on how to choose Moroccan fish scale tile gave you some inspiration for your future home décor projects. Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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